Daddy Won't See

You all know Krissy and Colton's story but you have never read them like this.
Meet the new Krissy, or as everyone now calls her Evans, at her new boarding school. She's the head badass and the most feared with only one friend, Macy.
She goes on in life without a care in the world. She's no longer a Daddy's Girl.
But where's Colton? Dead maybe?
Find out in Daddy Won't See!


12. "Violent delights have violent ends"

It is said that when two fall in love so suddenly, they may not last as a couple for quite as long, but their love will last forever, no matter how weak or strong it remains. We also say that to love something truly, we must let it go. For too much sweetness at first, will leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Love may be unconditional but that does not make it any easier to understand. Does love at first sight really exist? I will leave that to your discretion. How can one know they have fallen for someone? They say that person never leaves your mind, that you can picture a future together, that your heart beats too quickly or maybe skips a beat and your tummy fills with butterflies. But truthfully, love cannot be explained, not in words. But in one's mind and heart, love exists somewhere, no matter how deep you must look, you will find it. For how one person feels for another can only be shown through expression.
Love is too complicated. For anyone to understand.

Colton's POV

The silence that whispered in the air was almost too much to bare. We had each taken a sip. I could feel the liquid filling in my stomach after it had slid down my throat. It burned like poison and I only hoped that I was the one to die, I couldn't wish death on Krissy.

But there was also the dreaded, awful thought in the back of my mind that thought what if I were to die and her to live? She would be the one trapped here, I would be free. No matter what could happen, nothing would go right if one of us were to die.

Still no one had moved and no one dare spoke a word. It felt like hours had gone by, days even. The anticipation was the torture of it all.

Ben sat beside me. When he had been about to take his sip earlier, he hesitated. I knew he had not wanted to take apart of Ryan's game here of Russian roulette. He life was on the line, as anyone of us, but he knew he had no choice but to drink.

Logan sat on the other side of me. He seemed more like the typical henchman for the evil villain here. He did whatever Ryan asked and didn't hesitate to gulp down the suspicious liquid when he was ordered to. He didn't seem very bright from day one. He was dependant on Ryan for everything. I wouldn't be surprised if Ryan dressed him in the morning and reminded him to eat his vegetables.

Then there was the villain himself who sat across from me, silently griping the back of my love's neck still, in case she were to flee. I despised the way he looked at her, with lust. It almost seemed as if he had puppy dog love towards her, love he desperately wanted more of but could never have. I never regretted the day I punched his face in. I know Krissy had nightmares after that night, since I had read her diary. He deserved everything he got and all I could wish for was death upon him. But some part of me knew that he had certainly rigged the game in his favor.

Finally, I worked up the courage to look at her. I was terrified she would look at me with accusing eyes. That she blamed me for getting us into this mess. Although I don't blame her, I agree with her. But when she looked back at me she looked more frightened than anything. Her eyes were constantly wide and I wanted to get inside her head and know what she was thinking at that moment. She was so innocent, so sweet. When we first met, I was so mean to her. She was always annoyed or frustrated with me, or so it seemed. Although I wouldn't change a thing from the first time we met, or else we would have never been together like this; in love. Then again, look where it got us now, waiting for life or waiting for death.

I wanted to tell her that it was going to be okay. That she shouldn't be scared or worried. But I couldn't speak, and if I could, I don't know how believable I would sound as I would have to convince myself that as well. This was not how our lives together were suppose to be. There was so much more that we had left to do in life. Starting living, being the first.

Still nothing happened.

It seemed like a lifetime before Ryan finally spoke. "Well that game was a failed attempt. What was the fun in that?"

It really was just a game to him, none of our lives mattered to him.

"Perhaps another round-" Ryan was cut short.

"I think we've had enough of that game today, don't you think?" Ben interrupted.

He was done gambling with his life for today.

Ryan just rolled his eyes, not amused.

"Well what else should do with out time then? I was really looking forward to some fun," Ryan whined like a sick child.

Then his face lite up like a Christmas tree. "I know. You two," he pointed to Ben and Logan, "take him away and do not return." An evil smile danced on his lips as he grasped the back of Krissy's neck tighter. She whimpered and looked away from him, disgusted.

Logan and Ben each took hold of my arm and tried to drag me away. I fought back and tried to throw them off me.

On the other side of the room, I caught Ryan dragging Krissy away. "Colton!" she screamed for me.

Rage rose in me and I lost it, trying to get away. Then suddenly, Ben released me and dropped to the ground. I hadn't realised that i'd punched him but I was glad to be free I hesitated and watched Ben on the floor. He didn't whimper or cry out. In fact he only made on odd noise, a gurgling noise.

Then I saw it. Ben was having some sort of seizure right at my feet. I looked up and saw that Ryan had stopped in his tracks with Krissy still in his arms, and was staring at Ben. He clearly didn't know what to do.

A few seconds later, blood spilled from his mouth and there was a lot of it. It spread across the floor and soon my shoes were soaked in it. Krissy let out a loud gasp when she saw the blood.

"Poisoned," Ryan said softly, "It worked!"

I stood still. Was I next? The anticipation started again.

Within a few seconds, there was the gargling noise again. But it wasn't coming from me. It was coming from across the room. I looked to see Ryan standing there, trying to hold up and falling Krissy. Her body was jerking and her eyes were rolled to the back of her head.

Ryan dropped her body to the floor and stood back.

"Krissy!" I yelled as loud as I could at the top of my lungs. I ran to her and dropped at her side. Her blood cover the floor and stained my pants. Tears fell desperately from my eyes and I was screaming for her to stay with me.

She no longer made any sound. She was motionless. I held her fragile body to mine. She felt so weak and small and I cried out for her, tears now streaming down my face. My heart was broken. She was dead.

Her blood was all over my but I didn't care as I held her little body to mine and kissed her cheek over and over through my sobs.

"Hmm," I heard Ryan say, "that wasn't suppose to happen. I had put the poison in your cup, I'm sure of it."

That drove me right over the edge. I gently placed Krissy's body down for just a moment and ran at Ryan. I grabbed him by the neck and shoved him roughly against the hard wall. He clawed at my hand for my to release his neck so he could breathe. But I wouldn't let go.

"Now I'm going to kill you like you killed her," I growled with rage.

"Freeze!" I heard. I looked behind me, expecting to see Logan but it wasn't. It was a SWAT member, holding up a large looking gun at me. He was surrounded by other SWAT members all around the room. I hadn't even heard them all come in.

"Put your hands behind your back!" he ordered.

I didn't. I had to kill this villain, he killed Krissy.

"He killed her!" I screamed.

"Hands behind your back!"

"He has to die!"

"I'll shoot!"


Then I released Ryan's neck. But not voluntarily. The SWAT guy really meant it when he said he would shoot. Because he did.

Ryan coughed loudly then gave out and evil laugh.

That was the last thing I heard before I died.


 Kristina Laurie Evans 1996 - 2013

Colton Jacob Flynn 1995 - 2013

Violent delights have violent ends.


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