the room

on the street there was a house in the house there was a room in that room there was something sam did not expect when he ran away to the house with a secret,a friend and a ghoste


1. run away

the path was geting darker and the rain harder but sam new one thing one place he had always felt safe his old old house were he had grown up but he new by now that his mother would be looking for him and when he found him make him go live with his nuglecting father and his bich of a girlfriend because she would be going to live in france.

reaching old road he slowed down to a fast walk lisening too his foot steps splashing on the wet paths as he sarted towards the house.araving slowly he lifted his head up to see it and there it stood the same as the day he last saw it.

the 5 large windows at the front and the biggest one was his favoret on the inside he rememberd that it had a large leg that his perents put a curton up on both sides of the leg so he had a littel den when he couldnt sleep he used to go down stairs and sleep in his den soundly.

the top window was the loft his perents would never let him go up there ever and they cept a lock on it at all times till they left but at night he once herd some one or something walking around  when he told his dad he had said "know one is up there but i know what is a ghost from the last owners kid who was killed in a house fire in that loft" yeah not very comferting to a six year old. the back of the house had 5 windows as well but the garden was his favoret place in the back of it was a small gap that led to the forest behind the house and sam used to play by him self there all the time.

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