the room

on the street there was a house in the house there was a room in that room there was something sam did not expect when he ran away to the house with a secret,a friend and a ghoste


2. inside

the sper key was in its ushal place under the plant pot and the door opend with ease but he could see cracks and the blue paint was chiping away easly now. inside the house smeld like damp cloths mold and unwashed animals he rememberd his cat thomas used to live with them too until his mums best friend raan him over a week befor they had moved and lots of the cats things were left behind with no need for them now just a hole left unfild.

the hall way was still rather clean and the stairs coverd in dust this showed they had been untouched for a long time under the stairs was an old pair of his shoes that his mother had always hated because it had a fist printed on the front and said "it was a way to get kids to be vilant and i am not having a vilant child in my house" so i kept wearing them but when we left i had no choice in the mater.

walking on he came to the kichen the cold laminat flooring was starting to peel at the corners from age and the smell was so pugnunt it could have burnt his nose hairs clean off.going to the frige he opened it too find a large pot of cracked eggs his father used to drink with his brekfest but if he drank thease it would suerly kill him.

rusty taps and moldy sofas empty spaces and a dark musky cubord was all that was left of the rest of the rooms down stairs.climing up the stairs to the place were it all begane...

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