the room

on the street there was a house in the house there was a room in that room there was something sam did not expect when he ran away to the house with a secret,a friend and a ghoste


4. inside the room

dust and cobwebs coverd every bit of the room the only light that enterd was a small crack that was leaft when they [who ever they were] boarded up the windows to stop people looking in or some thing looking he treaded softly on the dusty floor boards he left behind dark foot prints.when he finaly came to the window he pulled the wood away easly because it had been there for a long time the nails had rusted and wear very easy to pull away. he stered down the road wear he had walk not long ago the rain was driping down the out side of the window."hello" said a girls voice as he turned round he saw her dressed in black jeans a black shirt and long red hair but she had hardly eny coloer to her skin white not ill white dead white...

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