Water Wars

This is a story I am in the process of writing. It's a post apocalyptic story that follows four different people's lives, and how they effect each other during the 18th World War. It's story about love, sacrifice, strength, bravery, and corrupted government. It's a story that tells how things turn out when you conform or not conform to the government. It's a story that you should read.


1. Lylie Scarlet Lacy

   I hear the world is perfect. I hear the world is beautiful. I hear my uncle moved to Europe. But you should never believe what you hear. The world is at war. The world is running out of resources. And I live in a very small town that just happens to be home to the largest source of freshwater left on the planet. But people aren't sharing. I’m not sharing. They have kept us here, fed us lies about how wonderful the world is, and think that by doing this we can build the human population back stronger than before. But it’s sick, protecting us while leaving them to die off and fend for themselves. Giving us everything. Keeping the water from them. And keeping the truth from us. Still there is one flaw in their plan, they haven’t been able to keep the truth from us. At least not completely. My uncle, Luco, he knew. But they found out and took him away. Then they dragged us into a bright white room with cold steel table, they sat us down and  told us he got a new job and moved to Europe. They even gave us a letter from him telling us how he had to leave so suddenly and how he was sorry not to have said goodbye. It was pretty convincing, too but all of the letters were formed the exact same way. All of the E’s had the same swoop, all of the L’s had the same sharp angle, all of the S’s curved in the same way. A human couldn’t write like that. It had to be made from a machine. As convincing as the words were I was comforted by the fact that they couldn’t be his. We were pretty convincing too, when they told us and showed us the letter. My mother cried and buried her face in my father’s shirt. My father comforted her with his soothing words that used to comfort me when I was younger and would throw fits. I sat hand in hand with Siphie, tears pouring off our cheeks onto the floor. Siphie was Luco’s only child and Luco was Siphie’s only parent. But they didn’t know that. None of them did. They all thought Siphie was my sister, we do share the last name, Lacey. Lacey. The name sounds too happy and pretty remembering a time like that. Even though we all knew the letter wasn’t real our tears were real because Luco was gone and we all knew he was never coming back. Still if we didn’t know better we probably would have believed them. If we hadn’t seen Luco that morning. I remember the frantic look in his eyes when he barged through the front door into my house. He screamed my name when he saw me like he was scared of me or something. I remember his voice powerful and deep and urgent exclaiming, “Lylie!” My name is Lylie like Lilly only with a long I sound. Everyone always messes my name up and I’m too shy to correct them so most people know me as Lily. But Lylie is my name. It is and it always will be. Lylie Scarlet Lacy, I know why my parents named me Lylie, it was because they loved the name Lily but didn’t want me to have the same name as everyone else with that common name. But my middle name is a mystery to me. Scarlet. I don’t know why my middle name is Scarlet, I always mean to ask but I never get the chance, no moment seems to be the right one. My middle name scares me sometimes. Scarlet. And my parents didn’t name me Scarlett like the name they named me Scarlet like the color. Anyway Luco said he needed to talk to Juniper, my father, his only brother. So I took him to the kitchen where my parents were having lunch. Behind closed doors, in a rushed, raspy whisper Luco told us everything. He told us how bad the rest of the world was and how they were all fighting for water and that we were the only place left not tainted or affected by all of this. Because of them. What they did for us. To keep us alive. To keep humans alive. The government trapped us all here in this little town a long time ago. They dished out lie after lie and we believed them. They kept us alive but left all the others alone to fight and kill and die off. My uncle knew this was wrong but they found out he knew. Then Luco begged us to take Siphie, tell them she was ours and keep her safe. We agreed and he left, but not before slipping me a letter. That was the last time we saw Luco and the last time we ever will. I was hesitant with all of this. I had always believed. I had always followed rules, been a good kid. Nothing this dangerous has ever happened to me. I have never been a part of something this dangerous. But I knew that we couldn’t raise any suspicions, we had to pretend Siphie was my sister, pretend we didn’t know what happened with Luco, pretend to believe what they told us. It was so much pretending it was hard to sort out what was real and what we were twisted fragments of lies they told us, but we kept on pretending. We had to. We had to stay safe. I know this so I haven’t opened the letter yet. I won’t until it is safe. It has been three days since I got that letter and Luco disappeared. I am tempted to open it. I know I need to. I know I must today. So I do. I sit by the fire in our living room and unfold the paper, this way if anyone comes through the front door I can just throw it into the fire and they won’t know anything. I read the letter slowly, appalled by how dangerous the knowledge it contains is. This letter is my uncles handwriting but it is messy, all scribbled down and hard to read. It looks as though he wrote it very quickly. Although it is messy the print is also very small and covers both the front and backside of the paper. I read it all thoroughly and it takes me a long time. By the time I am finished the fire has dwindled down to a pile of pathetic looking coals and ashes but the words of the letter burn fresh in my mind. The letter told me many things. Many dangerous things. It told me of the land and the world and the water. Of the people and their government and the wars. Of the past and the present of the future. Of beginnings and ends and what is to come. All of the world’s resources have burned out and the lake by the school in our town is the largest freshwater source left on the world. Our government that we call the Monopoly doesn’t want to share because if they do they feel we would become a part of the rest of the world and nowhere will be safe. The ozone has melted away and the sun beats down. Grass is pretty much non-existent outside of here, as well as just about every other living thing but the rest of the world uses artificial grass and water and life. However, the production of these products create too much pollution. The land is no longer labeled with countries and continents and cities, like we learn in school. Now the land divided into “plots” and labeled with a letter like “Plot J” or “Plot X.” Inside these plots there are  towns, called ”beds” they are labeled with three numbers. When describing a town you must say the plot letter followed with the bed number. For example if you were to refer to a town in Plot E it might be E 593. And cities that have the most to offer, like attractions, biggest cities, or the capitals of the plots are called “Primes” and that is stated before the plot and bed, like Prime G 484. The world has had 17 world wars that were started back when there was some water because the poorest people were not given any while the richest kept it all, just like here. I wonder what those people would think if they knew about us. Do they know about us?  I thought upon reading that section. But since the world is so big and everyone is fighting they organize it in a “Tournament” or game with smaller “Combats” leading up to the final “Battle.” “Combats” are fights between the poorest plots and contain the most people and casualties. Two Combats occur before the “Battle.” The “Battle” is the last fight that takes place. The “Battle” is between the richest plots and those who conquered the last two “Combats.” The army that conqueres each fight can choose both their reward (resources, land, government) and what to do with the losers (to enslave them, kill them, steal from them, banish them, etc.) However nothing really lasts that long before another war is declared. After I finish the letter I throw it into the coals anyway, for it was too dangerous to keep on hand. Luco had told me so much and it was just too dangerous. Watching the coals catch fire to the paper and the fire engulf the words I thought. Luco told me so much about the wars. Is there a reason? Was that just all he knew or is there more behind his words...Then I thought more about the format of the letter He sounded biased with the facts, he told me this was wrong. Does this mean he wants me to do something about it? Than I thought something that I know is dangerous just to think, Did he tell me so much about these wars and places and etiquette because he thinks it will be helpful? Was it in preparation? Uncle Luco knows me better than anyone else in the world. He would have known giving me this information would encourage me to fight. Did he not specifically tell me to because he just didn’t have time? No. Luco would have found time. That can't be it. Maybe he didn’t add it because he thought I would show it to my parents and my mother, Elspeth, would just about kill him if he encouraged me to break out. Well it’s too late, the letter is gone now. I have been thinking for such a long time the fire is completely gone, still the words burn crisp in my mind. I don’t feel they are gone yet, so I scoop up the ashes and bring them outside. I throw the ashes up in the air and let the wind carry the words away. Then I ease down onto the ground and run my fingers through the grass to clean the ash from my hands, something most of the world would never get a chance to do. Looking out over the beautiful landscape of trees and mountain and meadows. Pathways and rocks and the tunnel to the underground train a thought pops into my head. It is the strongest, most dangerous of them all. I know why Luco told me so much about the wars. I have to fight in them. I have to fight for those people. I have a plan.

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