Controlling the water (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) finished

Paige Walter has bright blue eyes and her hair is white at the top and dark blue at the tips. It was only 5 years ago she found out about her 'power' which is controlling the sea.
Her parents took her to a boarding school where they teach you how to control your powers as well as the normal curriculum lessons resulting in the school days being 7 hours, 6 days a week and a very strict uniform policy, yet she loved it, but when her parents move her to a normal boarding school she gets bullied and finds it hard to make friends.
But when she meets her room mates friends and her boyfriend will they get along?


19. heading to the battle field

Paige's P.O.V

"we need to go now babe" Louis' said while grabbing my hand

"come on guys!" I shouted and got everyone attention.

we walked through a field, it was split in two with red poppies in a straight line, it perfectly divided the square field in half.

we were about to cross the line of poppies when they started to burn and made a flame wall, it burned out and all of Blade's friends, his dad and their servants.

"Paige Walter, your here, we thought you wouldn't show up" Mr black said while stepping closer onto the ashes that replaced the poppies

"huh you wish" I shouted back

then Miranda walked up and whispered to stand opposite blade and she would stand opposite Mr black.

every one was standing opposite their equivalent.

"Blade, why did you do this?" I said sounding hurt, he looked ashamed

"I'm sorry" he whispered back while looking down

"I trusted you!" I shouted, every looked at us as a tear rolled down my cheek

Blade's P.O.V

why did I do this, I...I...Love her, WHY DID I BETRAY HER.

I'll never ever get another chance, IM FIGHTING HER FOR FUCKS SAKE, her boyfriend who she loves is gonna die because of me and not to mention her friend

I looked up and saw her crying, I slowly walked towards her and wiped her tear with my thumb she smiled a small smile and looked into my eyes

"I know this won't change anything but, I...Love you" I whispered into her ear

she started crying harder

"what's wrong?" I asked knowing she would say about me

"I'm gonna have to kill you that's what" she said while resting her head on my chest

"BLADE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" My dad shouted at me, Paige lifted her head and my dad pushed   her back and attacked her with his mind messing power causing Paige a huge amount of pain.

"DAD, STOP!" I shouted at him

he stopped and I ran over to her, she was unconscious from the pain.

"blade, what are you doing why do you care?" a tear rolled down my cheek

"I love her" I mumbled bearly audible

"you what!?!" he said loudly

"I love her" I said a little louder

"YOU LOVE HER" he shouted and everyone looked at us

"a noble hunter cannot be with a wielder" he added

"trust me its too late" I whispered

"maybe not" I heard Louis say


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