Controlling the water (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) finished

Paige Walter has bright blue eyes and her hair is white at the top and dark blue at the tips. It was only 5 years ago she found out about her 'power' which is controlling the sea.
Her parents took her to a boarding school where they teach you how to control your powers as well as the normal curriculum lessons resulting in the school days being 7 hours, 6 days a week and a very strict uniform policy, yet she loved it, but when her parents move her to a normal boarding school she gets bullied and finds it hard to make friends.
But when she meets her room mates friends and her boyfriend will they get along?


3. Cute Couple

A/N hey carrots so as I promised the second chapter I'm gonna upload today! Oh and check out 'Rock Me' by One Direction from their new album 'Take me home' which is coming out on 12.11.12. And Happy Remembrance Day!

I woke up to Rosie shaking me shouting at me to wake up. "WHAT!?!" I shouted back "Wake up its school time" On that note I sat up and jumped out of bed grabbing my phone on the way and checking my tweets, there was one that caught my eye @Louis_Tomlinson I met the most beautiful girl ever today at my school, she had blue and white hair and the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen (brighter than @NiallOfficial). @NiallOfficial Damn it Lou, I'm so gonna make sure that's true by seeing them with my own blue eyes! @zaynmalik Louis you made @NiallOfficial jealous!! I read it over a million times then it hit me Louis Tomlinson! I started fan girdling inside I THOUGHT IT WAS MY IMAGINATION!!!!!!!

"OMG, Pai your eyes are bright blue I never even noticed!" "Oh, Yeah I was wearing contacts yesterday!" I went to my wardrobe and picked out a white lacy dress with a thin brown belt, some matching brown brogues. I went to the bathroom picking up my make up on the way, I did my make up with natural browns, a sheer nude lipstick and painted my nails a brown colour as well that matched my shoes and belt. I got out a love heart locket that was white gold that my boyfriend gave me as an anniversary present and a pearl bracelet with matching earrings that were very small droplets of pearls. I went back into the bath room and looked in the mirror and checked out my outfit. My legs never needed to be shaved nor my arms because me and some friends got lazed hair removal years ago and I'm now completely hairless on my legs and arms. I walked back to the room and saw Rosie standing there wearing burgundy skinnys, white pumps with small gold chains at the tips and a white blouse that was tucked into her jeans that has a collar with gold studs, her make up was to die for it was gold eye shadow, eye-liner that had a flick like mine she also had a peachy lipstick that was matt, she looked gorgeous. I grabbed a small cross body bag and put my phone, purse, earphones and the lipstick I used. The bag was just big enough to fit a few small books, but I was worried as Rosie got out a gold cross body bag that was the same size but a different style. "Ready?" Rosie asked while putting in gold hoop earrings. "Yup, you?" I replied "Yeah, one sec though" she shouted while running in the bathroom and grabbing a gold chain bracelet and a lip-gloss.

I started walking out as she ran back in the main room. "Pai?" I heard Louis shout from down the corridor When he reached me I suddenly blurted out "YOUR LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!!!!!!!" "I did say that!" He joked "You think I'm beautiful?" I asked "You are" he replied while blushing I kissed him on the cheek "Your adorable" I whispered in his ear "You too!" He said while holding up my chin and looking straight into my soul. We both smiled and he leaned in until we heard someone whistle, I turned my head and saw Harry styles walking up towards us with a cheeky smile. "Hazza this is Paige" Louis introduced me "And I'm Harry" "I'm a fan" I replied, We started laughing. Then Rosie walked out with her phone looking intensely at the screen " hi babe" Rosie said to Harry still without looking up "Rosie what's so important?" Harry questioned "Twitter" she replied "Not as important as this!" Harry said while holding her waist and kissing her shortly on the lips "It isn't, no" she whispered loud enough for us to hear. They were adorable.

"Cute couple" I whispered to Lou "We would be yes!"

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