Controlling the water (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) finished

Paige Walter has bright blue eyes and her hair is white at the top and dark blue at the tips. It was only 5 years ago she found out about her 'power' which is controlling the sea.
Her parents took her to a boarding school where they teach you how to control your powers as well as the normal curriculum lessons resulting in the school days being 7 hours, 6 days a week and a very strict uniform policy, yet she loved it, but when her parents move her to a normal boarding school she gets bullied and finds it hard to make friends.
But when she meets her room mates friends and her boyfriend will they get along?


10. co-author

so I'm looking for a co-author because I've been super busy also I need help with the story line so if you would like to become a co-author for this fanfic, you can decide what happens and you can upload when ever you want, also if you know someone (e.g friend, family) who would like to co-author aswel I would be happy to add them!!

please comment below if you would like to!! 



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