Controlling the water (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) finished

Paige Walter has bright blue eyes and her hair is white at the top and dark blue at the tips. It was only 5 years ago she found out about her 'power' which is controlling the sea.
Her parents took her to a boarding school where they teach you how to control your powers as well as the normal curriculum lessons resulting in the school days being 7 hours, 6 days a week and a very strict uniform policy, yet she loved it, but when her parents move her to a normal boarding school she gets bullied and finds it hard to make friends.
But when she meets her room mates friends and her boyfriend will they get along?


7. Blade!?!

Paige's P.O.V

"Babe, miss me?" he said with a sexy voice while approaching me 

"of course I haven't" I snapped at him obviously lying, I did miss him, his cockiness, his unintentional way of making me feel weak, him always trying to win me over by being sexy, the way he knows he does it and takes it to use against me.

"I know your lying, how could you not miss this" he whispered while stepping closer, he is the only person who makes cocky, sexy.

"come with me" he said while grabbing my hand, I swear, I melted inside

"bye Juliana" he said facing the teacher

"uh, no, Paige has class" she said while grabbing his arm

I looked at him with a smirk

"I'll be waiting" he whispered into my ear sending shivers down my back

A smile appeared on my face.

"me too" I said then winked, he smiled back.

WOW he is soooo hot! now I have to wait 5 and a half hours to see him again.

I got snapped out of my thoughts by the head waving his hand in my face

"Paige, heres the basics, if you get with blade you will be kicked out the school!"

"what, why?"

"Paige, I just said, he will kill you!"

"trust me I know him"

"me too" he snapped

"how?" I asked really concerned

"I knew his dad okay!"

the bell went off, I got up and went to my next class.

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