But I'm A Bit Lovesick

Part I – Prologue
Sometimes your life boils down to just one huge mistake, the exact thing that happened to me actually. I was just having fun back then, whatever fun was, poking guys around, trying to manipulate them. Whatever.
I mean, I’m pretty and I’m smart. I’m basically one of the most popular girls in school. I don’t study hard enough but I have these sky-high grades even if I know I don’t deserve them.
So here’s the thing, I was caught red-handed inside the school with some liquor or some sort I know nothing of. Knowing such cliques in school, its probably Brenda, I know she did it. They even spread some highly exaggerated rumour about me, about the books I write and how it contrasts with the school’s morals, whatever those were.
I mean, such an infamous school, the teachers were perfect don’t get me wrong but the guidance counsellor is stupid, (sorry for the term, but its true) and she believes in Brenda (probably paid to) so they had me sanctioned. A week’s worth of detention


1. A small town chick

“Finally!” I shrieked loudly. The airport was sooo crowded and flights were delayed due to whatever, I couldn’t care less. My mom woke me up 5 hours early, then what? To wait for a plane for an hour or so? Good thing I had my music player though, or I’d be eating myself to death with the pocket money they gave me.

I then walked to the boarding gate, gave my flight stub or whatever it was then hurriedly ran to the delayed plane jerking my luggage because I was just irritated.

Okay fine, I’m too impulsive. I’m too reckless and careless and a bit of a klutz. But I’m pretty, and in this modern world nothing else matters more anyway. As long as you have the face value, right? You can get the job, the credibility if you work hard on it, but having charisma makes it a lot more easier. But I can honestly say I’m responsible too, and if I want it, I’m gonna fight for it til I die.


I’m just going to sleep through this flight.

I was seated beside the window, and I know I should be appreciating the view and such, things my mother did, but I was just so tired. I turned my gadgets off, popped a tiny sleeping pill and closed my eyes


“miss? Miss? The plane landed a couple of minutes ago. Wake up, wake up~” the stewardess tapped my back gently, her benign voice echoing through my ears like a lullaby making me more sleepy.




I jolted myself upright then began to quickly descend my way to the arrival area, thanking the kind stewardess as I ran, my mind and body filling up with so much energy. My two check-in luggage were the only ones there so I ran to them, violently dragging them to the gate .

The security guard pitied my luggage, so he helped me. Still when I was at the airport gate, excitement flooded through my body when I saw grandma and her tears of happiness, holding up a cardboard stating “AMANDA REDWOOD. WE MISS YOU”

Okay fine, that was a little embarrassing

But I don’t really care. OHMYGASH. “I miss you grandma! I do! I do! Waaaaah~”I violently squeezed her plump body while she squeezed me to. Her palm running through my back bringing me comfort I have forgotten for the past 6 years.

Yeah. The story of my life. When I was 2 years old my parents left me to my grandparents, and they took such care of me. Then after 8 years with them my parents forced them to ship me off without even a guardian to my devilish cousin Richard. After 2 years with them, locking myself in my own bedroom obsessively cleaning my window, I went to another relative, my uncle Vernon and his wife Gertrude, they don’t have any children and they treated me much like family, but school was tough since that time I couldn’t fit in then. After two years with them too, my mother and father finally went home to their own country.

Fine they were very sweet, but not easy to talk to, not understanding, not considerate and definitely strict. They just tried to reach out to me but there I was shutting them away, probably because I was angry at them or probably because I’m not used to them. I tried to talk to them too, but then I’d come out disappointed since they don’t really understand me.

“My! My Amanda! Such a beautiful nose you have, 6 years before, you didn’t even have a nose!” grandma teased.

“Whatever grandma” I softly jabbed her arm, we’re kind of sisters, grandma and I.

She just laughed and complimented my nose while holding my face in her hands. The security guard dropped my luggage beside me and we thanked him, grandma even gave him a tip, then off we were to find where grandpa had parked.

After searching for five minutes -I left grandma at a tea shop telling her that I’d text her when I find grandpa so she won’t get too tired - me and my ignorance finally found grandpa, who was hitting on his cigarette, but he stopped in awe as he looked at me.

He came up and held my face, “my! Amanda! You have a nose!”

Again, I jabbed his arm softly and cried “whatever”.

So, when I was young I didn’t really have a nose. I just had nostrils, but now they had grown out of their seeds and, well, I can quite say that it’s a nice nose.

A minute later we were ready, seated in the small car that they bought probably 30 years before, no air-conditioning, not that I’m complaining. The wind was so nice. I buckled myself up in the cramped backseat as I prepared myself for that 2 hour ride to the province we’re headed off.

“Do you remember Yano?” asked by my grandmother

“yeah. What about him?” I asked. Even though I've probably slept throughout a 45-minute flight I was just tired.

“He’s just looking forward to see you again” answered by my teasing grandmother.

Huh, Yano, a Japanese dude I grew up with and well, we were practically best friends and, well, I sorta had a crush on him WAY before. But I am so over it.

“Well, does he still live by the house near the street?” I asked, well, I kinda miss his eyes. They were gorgeous eyes. Light brown and so overwhelming, especially when they appear kinda big when he’s surprised, I chuckled at the memory.

“Yeah. Visit him Ana? Okay? I think Julia misses you too” grandpa answered.

“Okay. Whatever. I will ONLY, and ONLY when I get enough sleep”

And yeah, I am never getting enough sleep. So whatever.


And I know this would seem weird, but when grandpa parked the car at the little garage they had here, I was dragged inside by a horde of faces that seemed quite familiar though I can’t really guess who they were. Whether they were grandma’s friends, mom’s friends, aunts or godparents.

They just held my face like mad and stared at me consciously. I mean, all they did  was compliment the nose that somehow magically sprouted on the middle of my face.

“My! My Amanda! You are sooo beautiful already” a lady I know nothing off suddenly screamed in my ear.

I tried to show my irritation, but they didn’t bother. So whatever, they brought delicious food though, so that was an advantage.

I just seated myself on the couch and after eating three plate full of fruit salad, on my fourth plate of the same stuff, this Japanese guy walks up to me and just stares at me like mad.

“Don’t bother complimenting my nose, 'cause its irritating” violently shoving a spoonful of fruit salad in my mouth. So this is my childhood crush uh? Well I for one cannot ignore the fact that he had grown handsome, but I am so over my crush so, whatever.

“yeah. I was gonna compliment the dress you’re wearing, cause I am getting jealous!” he said it with so much enthusiasm, like he wants to rip off my dress and wear it himself.

My jaw hit the floor.

Then there was this deafening laugh on my right.

“Oh myyy!!! Just look at your face oh THIS IS PRICELESS!” he laughed and laughed and I kinda blushed. I mean, yeah, he’s cute when he laughs. His eyes kinda disappear and yeah, whatever, I don’t like describing somebody laughing because of me, even though it is kinda cute…

I slapped him in the back… HARD.

“Ow!” he exclaimed, all eyes turning on him.

I walked away, embarrassed. Honestly, we may have been best friends so long ago but that is NO excuse to mess up with me now! Because! Because, well, because I’m a teenager and yeah, I’m mad! Just! Whatever! Ughhh!

I felt a hand pulling me left again, the direction I just fled.

“DON’T TELL ME! THAT! YOU! ARE! GAY!” I shrieked at him, because he’s quite hot. So yeah, that would so be a loss.

“No, I’m so not gay” he teased, mimicking a gay-tone or something. Bending his arm like the gay he pretends he is.

“Okay fine! I’m going to sleep so, goodbye!” I told him off, walking away, jerking his hand away from his tight grip, cause I wanna sleep. I miss my bed here so much. It’s probably a bit small now but still, I just wanna lay myself on a soft mattress and drift away.

“but hey, Ana?” I looked back, a bit curious… But, whatever… “You have a pretty dress” then he winked.


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