Hate can kill

This story is to raise awareness of suicide all around the world. It happens everyday and no one knows or cares. Similarities to real people are purely coincendencial.


2. Suicide

That brings me up to now, sitting in my bare, neat room. Holding a razor to my wrists. A shrill scream scares me and I drop the razor. Tight arms hold me on the bed as someone else grabs the razor. I struggle, screaming and yelling. I sob as tears stream down my face, I feel defeated. I cannot end my life, I have to face another day.

I lie in bed, the sheets over my face. Tears soak the pillow and mascara stains my clothes. I've had enough and run out my room. I know I don't have long until someone realises I've gone. I slip silently down the stairs and unlock the front door. I get outside and run, hearing panic inside. I run and run, nothing can stop me. The wind brushes through my tangled hair and my shoe falls off but I dont care. Not anymore.

I stand in the waves, letting the icy water swamp my legs. I wade out until i'm neck deep, my long hair floating, swirling, dancing in the waves. I think of dad, and only dad as I shut my eyes and fall. Fall backwards into my watery grave.

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