Hate can kill

This story is to raise awareness of suicide all around the world. It happens everyday and no one knows or cares. Similarities to real people are purely coincendencial.


3. Revealing it all

I feel like I should finsih this. I'm Lucy, the one that ruined it all. This is the only place I can write this. That I can write about how I was jealous. Jealous of her life. Jealous of her friends, her cleverness and her amazing personality. I ruined it all for her and louis. Anyway, I'm writing this because I feel like I should finish this. Her diary.

She died, drowned. They said it was an accident. But I know it was suicide. I know it was my fault.

Louis commited suicide a week later. She was his only friend. The whole school is in mourning, all her friends couldn't believe what they did to her. All the teachers are devastated that they were so hard on her. Me? I'm in the middle of making a shrine for her, where she would of most liked it. In the park, where she and her dad always used to sit. I hope she is in a better place now, with her dad. Everyday, we think of her. Her lovely smile, her happiness. Everything about her was so...so...perfect.

She was perfection.

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