Hate can kill

This story is to raise awareness of suicide all around the world. It happens everyday and no one knows or cares. Similarities to real people are purely coincendencial.


1. They hate me

They stare at me, laugh at me, pull my hair. The teachers sigh at me, they get sick of me being able to answer all their questions. I hate it, I hate it all.i'm top in all my lessons. I do everything I can to cover up my goofy looks and geeky glasses. I've tried wearing other ones, the ones the cooler kids wear. But they just say i'm copying them. The only bit of sunshine in my life is my best friend, Louis. He's gay. People laugh at him for being, 'a gay freak that loves boys'

I was popular, everyone was friends with me. Apart from Lucy, she hated me. Hated me for being popular. Then one day it all changed, she made up a lie about me. She said that me and louis had, had sex. Everyone believed it and when my best friend laughed in my face I slapped her. That's how it came out, that louis was gay. He told everyone so they would know the lie was a fake. He gave up his popularity for me. But by then I had ruined it all, I had the slapped my best friend, one of the most popular girls in the school. Everyone hated me for it and then still do. 

My life is horrible, terrible, awful. Most people are loved by their parents, right? Not me. In a foster home. My dad died when I was two. I miss him everyday. His happy laugh, his comforting bear hugs and all his love. He never stopped loving me or mum. Not once. Even when we drove him crazy with our annoying habbits. Mum didn't deserve it, she drank, she smoked and she deserted me when dad died. 

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