strong fealings

It talks about a girl who meets her neighbor Louis Tomlinson.But she doesn't know his name because he had glasses on when they met.
This is a story with friendship,love and secrets.



At the end of the day (at the end of school time),Rose got out of school crying.Then she saw Louis coming and said crying

"What do you want?!"

Louis"I hope you know that you can talk to me."

Rose still crying"I know,I know."

Louis"Come on ,lets go talk in the park."

They went to the park,and talked for a long time.They talked about Harry cheating and other stuff.Then Louis and Rose huged . 

Rose"At least I have a person that I can trust.",she said crying much harder.

Louis"Please stop crying ,you make me cry to...",he said crying.If you want we can get a smoothie at 6?"


Louis and Rose said goodbye and left.

Louis got back home and put his bags on his bed.He got in the kitchen and started talking to Harry.

Louis"Why didn't you tell us?!!!!!!"

Harry"I didn't wanna tell YOU!!!"

Zayn,Niall and Liam were playing monopoly.When they heard voices rising,they hid in the back of the couch, liscened and watched. The conversation continued.

Louis"You told the others?! I was the only one not knowing this?!"


Louis"The worst part is that you knew I had a big crush on her!!!!!And how could you do this to a beautiful girl like her!!!!!!!?"

Louis pushed Harry and Harry said

"You wanna fight ????!!!!"

Harry punched Louis three times :

Once in the nose,once in the eye and once on the mouth.Louis started bleading from the nose and the mouth.He also punched Harry and Harry started bleading.Before this fight would get more serious Zayn,Niall and Liam separated them.

Louis got in his room and he started crying on his bed.Then he got out of his room,took his coat,took the keys and got out of his room . Zayn asked Louis

"Where are you going?"

Louis"I am going somewhere."

Louis got out of their house.


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