strong fealings

It talks about a girl who meets her neighbor Louis Tomlinson.But she doesn't know his name because he had glasses on when they met.
This is a story with friendship,love and secrets.


1. the party

One day in London, a girl called Rose Livon,she was blond with bleu eyes,she was small and she was 16.She was the most popular girl in school and she had organized  a party on saturday at 8pm.But,she had the worst enemy ever : Sara Ricci. She was the biggest BRAT ever.

The night of the party at 8 Rose waited one whole hour till 9.then she went in her garden and started crying.She said in her head: I think Sara did all of this . Just to hurt me!!!!!!!!!!I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She is such a brat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Louis got out in his garden to give a phone call ,he heard somebody crying.So watched in the neighbor's garden and saw Rose crying.

he said"Whats wrong?"

Rose"A girl at school called Sara canceled my party....."

Louis"WHAAAATTT??????????? Why would she do that??????"

Rose"She is jealous of my popularity. Don't you want to come in ????It's getting cold."

Louis"Why not???"

Then they went in Roses room.Louis turned around in the room and watched all the posters (Rose was a fan of one direction).He had  sunglasses on so Rose didn't know it was him.They talked for like an hour.

Louis "I should go.It is getting late. Can i get your name ???? "

Rose"Yes,my name is Rose Livon. "


Louis started going back in his garden.

Rose said"Wait I don't even your name!!!"

But Louis didn't hear and continued walking back home.


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