strong fealings

It talks about a girl who meets her neighbor Louis Tomlinson.But she doesn't know his name because he had glasses on when they met.
This is a story with friendship,love and secrets.


5. smoothie

Louis arrived at the smoothie store and saw Rose waiting on a chair.He approached  her and Rose said


Louis"It is nothing."

Rose"I trust you so sit down."

Louis "What smoothie do you want?"

Rose"I don't know . What are you taking?"

Louis" I am taking a... Peach,Apricot."

Rose"I'll take that too."

Louis went to order,got back with the smoothies and sat down."Locked out of heaven started playing on the radio at the store.

Rose"Hey.I love this song."

Louis "It's pretty good.Who sings it?"

Rose and Louis at the same time"BRUNO MARS!"

Rose " I love Bruno Mars."

Louis"I like him too."

Rose"It's already 8????? I have to go."

Louis"Do you want me to take you home???"

Rose"Why not?" and they entered in the car.

On the radio it was special Bruno Mars.

Rose"My bigest dream is to meet Bruno Mars."

Louis"How were you before meeting Harry?"

There was a long silent pause and Rose said"I was in a very depressing time,because my ex cheated on me on my birthday. I saw him kissing another girl during the party..." Rose started crying really hard.When they arrived Louis took her hand and walked her to her apartement. Rose took her keys and opened the door . Louis leaned for kiss and they started kissing really deeply. He was puting his arms around her waist and Rose was puting her hands on his head . They stoped kissing and Rose looked shocked,she slamed the door in front of Louis' face and started crying against the door. Louis started crying to but silently and left.


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