strong fealings

It talks about a girl who meets her neighbor Louis Tomlinson.But she doesn't know his name because he had glasses on when they met.
This is a story with friendship,love and secrets.


3. secrets

When Rose was in recess,Harry came up to her and said 

"You didn't tell about us to Louis."

Rose"No.I didn't."

Harry"Cause this is a secret.And can I talk to you for a moment in privet."

Harry took Rose apart in the hallway.When Louis saw them,he wandered what they were doing and he followed them.

Harry"I have something to tell you..."

Rose"What is it???"

Harry"I did something really wrong.But I don't know how to tell you..."

He said with tears falling from his eyes.

Rose"Tell me!Just tell me!"

Of course,Louis was hearing everything,he was shocked but not that much.

Harry"I cheated on you..."

Harry burst into tears and Rose too,she was SHOCKED!Louis started walking in the hall and Rose ran to the bathroom bumping into Louis.

Louis followed her.

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