Why Did You Leave? (1D fanfic)

Georgia used to be really good friends with Harry. But then he left to audition for the X-Factor. Would he ever remember the friend he left behind? Please no hate :)


7. Shopping Again

Mikayla and Harry was acting so weird together. I thought as I stirred the spaghetti sauce. When it was done I poured it over some spaghetti and sat down to eat it in front of the TV. 

I washed the dishes and the doorbell went again. I ran to get it. It was Harry. 

"Hey." He said and took my hand. 

"Hiya." I replied. 

"Want to go out for dinner?" He asked. 

"Ugh, I can't. I just had dinner, sorry." I frowned. 

"Oh it's OK, how about tomorrow night?" He offered. 

"Sure." I agreed. 

"Want to go out anyway?" He asked. A tiny smile on his perfect lips. 

"Sure, just need to finish washing up." I replied and walked into the kitchen with Harry following me. 

He helped me wash up and put everything away. 

"So where are we going to go?" I asked as I wrapped my arms around his waist. 

"Um, I don't know. Want to go shopping? I can buy you anything you want." He offered. 

"Sure, but I'm fine paying." I giggled and we walked to his car. 

We drove to Bluewater and when we walked in a few fans ran up to him and asked him for an autograph. After the fans we went to Hollister to look at the clothes. 

"I love these jeans." I said and decided to buy them.

I went to buy the jeans but Harry paid. 

"Thanks, you didn't need to pay though, I could've paid for them myself." I told him. 

"It's fine, really. All boyfriends buy their girlfriends stuff." He replied and kissed my cheek. 

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