Why Did You Leave? (1D fanfic)

Georgia used to be really good friends with Harry. But then he left to audition for the X-Factor. Would he ever remember the friend he left behind? Please no hate :)


35. Ring

Six Months Later: 

Georgia, meet me at the park. I have a surprise for you. Hazza xx 

I replied and grabbed my shoes and coat and waddled to the park. I saw Harry waiting underneath a tree. The air was cold and froze everything in its path. 

"Georgia!" Harry said cheerfully and ran to me. 

"Harry!" I said and hugged him, my giant baby belly getting in the way slightly. 

"Georgia, I need to ask you something." Harry said and took my left hand. He got down on one knee and pulled out a small navy blue box. "Will you marry me? I think we should be a proper family so when the baby is born he or she has a family to support him or her." Harry explained, looking into my eyes. "And most of all, I love you and I want to be with you forever." 

"Yes." I said, blushing a deep shade of red. He showed me the ring, it was gold and at the top was a little silver rose and in the middle was a pearl. "It's beautiful." I muttered as he put it on my ring finger.  We kissed under the tree for a minute. 

When we broke apart we saw paparazzi were there taking pictures. 

"Bloody hell." Harry swore under his breath. He took my hand and pulled me out of the park and to his car. 

We got into the car and he drove to mine. 

"We can't raise a child in your flat, it's too small." Harry muttered. 

"Oh yeah, but it's too late to move." I added.

"Want to go to our summer house and move there?" Harry suggested. 

"Won't the boys mind?" I asked. 

"No, they suggested it." Harry replied. 

"But it's so far from my mum and dad, and work." I told him. 

"Right, can't you get transfered to a nearby Tesco's?" He asked. 

"No, they won't want me because I'm pregnant. I'm going on maternity leave in a few weeks." 

"Exactly, we can move back when you have to work again." Harry said. 

"But my mum and dad. They would like to see their grandchild, mum is excited and dad is pleased he gets to meet his only grandchild while he is still alive." I told him. 

"I might have enough money for a house." Harry muttered. 

"We can buy a house together, but it takes months." I said. 

"My parents would help but it's not their grandchild so they don't exactly care. They don't even know why I'm with you when you slept with my best friend." Harry told me. 


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