Why Did You Leave? (1D fanfic)

Georgia used to be really good friends with Harry. But then he left to audition for the X-Factor. Would he ever remember the friend he left behind? Please no hate :)


20. Payback

After that me and Louis went on a few more dates. Tweeting every time. I was starting to fall in love with Louis. He was putting my heart back together. Tonight Louis is taking me to a rehearsal of a concert in a few days time. 

When the doorbell went I quickly slipped on some shoes and grabbed my bag and answered the door.

"Louis!" I said happily and he kissed my cheek.

"Hiya, you ready?" He asked and I nodded. We walked to his car and I got into the passenger seat. 

"So, um . . . Will you go out with me?" he asked shyly. I looked at him stunned. I didn't think he would ever ask me out. 

"Yes." I replied in a heart beat. He smiled at me and leant across the seat, he wasn't driving anywhere yet, and kissed me. 

"You don't know how happy I am." He replied, giving me a huge smile. 

"You don't know how lucky I am." I replied. 

When we arrived at the rehearsals, we got out of the car and he took my hand and winked at me. Harry stared at us in shock when we walked in holding hands. 

"What are you doing holding my ex's hand?" Harry asked furiously. 

"She's my girlfriend." Louis replied sharply. "Got a problem with that?" he added. Harry just glared at him. 

"You can't really object since you went out with my so called 'best friend' five minutes after I dumped you. Plus you kissed my so called 'best friend' while you were going out with me. You have nothing to say." I said sharply. He glared at me then looked away. 

"Well said." Louis whispered in my ear and I giggled then Louis kissed me cheek. "Oh brilliant, got rehearsals now. Go take a seat, Georgie." Wow, he just gave me a nickname. 

"Good luck." I called to him as I went to take a seat. I sat in the front row and I saw Bee walking to the seats. 

"Hiya!" She said waving at me. 

"Hey." I replied. 

"Wow, you and Louis. Harry is a jerk for doing that to you. The whole band is ashamed of him." She whispered. 

"So, how's you and Niall?" I asked. 

"We're good, just going through that rough phase though. I really hope he doesn't break up with him. I think I love him." 

"Aw. I hope he doesn't too, you two are perfect for each other." I told her. Then we didn't talk anymore as the boys started rehearsing. 

Harry looked out of place, you could tell everyone was annoyed with him for hurting me like he did. Louis winked at me and Niall blew a kiss at Bee. When they were having a break they all took a shower because they all were really sweaty. I'm surprised Harry didn't bring Mikayla. 

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