Why Did You Leave? (1D fanfic)

Georgia used to be really good friends with Harry. But then he left to audition for the X-Factor. Would he ever remember the friend he left behind? Please no hate :)


23. Love

I then realised Louis was behind me when I said that I loved him. I blushed. I turned around and he stared at me with wide eyes. I turned to look at Harry and saw his left cheek was bright red and tears was running down his cheeks. 

Before I knew it I was banned from every rehearsal and concert. I sat in the car with Louis on the way home. He wasn't talking to me. I think it was 'cause I hit Harry. Why do I always mess up? 

"Louis, I'm sorry." I whispered. 

"It's not me you need to be sorry too. I didn't think you were the kinda girl who would slap someone." He muttered. Obviously very disappointed in me. 

"I know Harry is your friend, but he accused me of using you and that was the final straw." I replied. 

"Still no excuse." Louis replied. It was like Louis didn't hear that I announced I loved him. 

When he parked outside of my house I got out of the car and said bye. He didn't get out or say bye back. He just drove off. I unlocked the door and went inside. I think I'm going to stay away from One Direction for good. 

I sat on the sofa and cried. Louis probably never wanted to see me again. The band will probably never want to see me too. 

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