Why Did You Leave? (1D fanfic)

Georgia used to be really good friends with Harry. But then he left to audition for the X-Factor. Would he ever remember the friend he left behind? Please no hate :)


21. Jerk

Backstage we, me and Bee, could hear an argument taking place. 

"You're supposed to be my best mate and you ask out my ex when you know how I feel about her!" Harry yelled at Louis.

"You cheated on her, you obviously didn't like her that much. You can barely object because you're dating her best friend." Louis retorted. Harry took a while to reply. 

"I didn't mean to." He replied. 

"Bullshit! You kissed her! You didn't even stay to apologise, you just walked off leaving her heartbroken. You're pathetic." Louis replied and Harry didn't reply. 

Harry is such a jerk. 

"Me and Mikayla broke up this morning. She dumped me." Harry finally replied. 

"That's karma for you. It's you're time to be heartbroken, mess with two girls and you end up with none." Louis replied quickly. There was some more talking but it was too quiet for us to hear. 

Louis walked to where I was sitting. 

"Rehearsals over, we have to come back tomorrow morning. They have had enough of me and Harry arguing." Louis said, looking sad. I walked to him and gave him a hug. 

"It's OK. Harry is a jerk." I comforted. We walked back to his car and I drove home. By the time we got to the car Louis was crying. 

I drove home carefully. I didn't want to crash Louis's car. 

"Louis, you're in a bad state, I can't let you drive home like that. Do you want to stay the night? I don't mind, I can sleep on the sofa." I offered and he nodded. 

"Let me go home and get some stuff." He said. 

I drove Louis home so he could get his stuff and then we drove back to mine. He insisted on sleeping on the sofa so I let him. 

"Night." I said. 

"Night." Louis replied and kissed my cheek. 

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