Why Did You Leave? (1D fanfic)

Georgia used to be really good friends with Harry. But then he left to audition for the X-Factor. Would he ever remember the friend he left behind? Please no hate :)


9. Getting to Know the Band

Me and Bee talked while the boys mucked up. 

"So how did you and Niall meet?" I asked. 

"I was working at Nando's and I served him, we got talking and then I got fired while he was there because I spent too much time talking to him and he felt bad. Then we got talking and went out to Nando's a few nights later and we kept seeing each other. Then he asked me out," She told me. "So, how did you and Harry meet?" 

"We met at pre-school. We were friends for ages, then he left for the X-Factor and we didn't meet again until a few days ago. The news thought we were dating so he asked me out after admitting he has had a crush on me for ages. Strange thing is that I have had a crush on him for ages too." I explained. Just then the boys came back and Niall wrapped his arms around Bee and Harry wrapped his arms around me. 

"So what were you girls talking about?" Harry asked. 

"How we met our boyfriends." Bee answered. 

"Awesome." Zayn said. 

"We're all thinking about going to our summer house for the summer as it is only a week away. Wanna come?" Louis asked me and Bee. 

"Sure." I agreed quickly. 

"Sure! If my mum will let me." She mumbled. 

"Great!" the boys said in unison. 

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