A universe made of stone

Have you ever felt alone? So alone that despite the fact there are millions of life forms on this one of many planets; you just feel that you need find your place in civilization, like you don’t fit in. Well you have no idea what true loneliness feels like. Nobody knows this more than my friend, my best friend, my lonely hero simply known as the Doctor.


3. Man of stone

Making my way out towards the doorway I reached for the key above the door unlocked it and watched Toby run out and fall over not minding this he just rolled over he just started forming a snow angel. Gazing in up at the sky as I often did I noticed an unusual flash, whether it was just my eyes or not I could have sworn that I saw something fall from this light. Being the questionable type I couldn’t resist checking this out. “I’ll be back in a bit Tobz, just checking something out ok” I said making my over to the sight. “Ok later taters” he joked. I was almost there and I was catching the faintest whiff of burning plastic. I just thought is something had fallen out of the sky, a star maybe, then it would make a burning smell as it was boiling hot before then it has just toughed the snow I thought nothing of it really. peering down the deep hole that this strange object had made I could just make out the faintest shadow of a figure was not huge nor was it small I would say it was small enough to slide into a rucksack and big enough to weigh quite a bit also. I reached into the hole hoping that I would not fall in and plucked the ornamental figure and cradled it from the wind. It was like none that I had ever seen; well what I mean is that I hadn’t collected it yet. It was wearing a bowtie, tweed looking jacket, and holding what seemed like, yes it was I couldn’t believe it, it was the 11th doctor from the hit BBC show doctor who. Some one must have dropped it from a plane or something. I’ll hand it in I thought, Keep me safe keep m hidden what was this I thought looking around I saw nobody. I looked over at this figure no of Corse it wasn’t the doctor was just a myth wasn’t he just a character for Saturday evening?

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