A universe made of stone

Have you ever felt alone? So alone that despite the fact there are millions of life forms on this one of many planets; you just feel that you need find your place in civilization, like you don’t fit in. Well you have no idea what true loneliness feels like. Nobody knows this more than my friend, my best friend, my lonely hero simply known as the Doctor.


2. Cut short

Slipping on my black ankle ugg boots I stumbled across my room a brainless zombie to my door stretched for my dressing gown from high upon it and wrapped it around my body. “It’s been snowing” Toby screeched. “I know Tobz i heard you the first four times that you told me” I smiled ruffling his golden locks. Five minutes ago I was flying through time and space in the TARDIS with the Doctor then I was brutally awoken by Toby leaping onto me bouncing around crying “Dani wake up it been snowing, there’s snow, pretty snow, snow.” Now i found myself wrapping Toby in his winter gear so he could be the first to ruin the crisp blanket of snow before Jenny woke up, the head care worker. I know what you’re thinking you have already read that I am around the age of fourteen and you are wondering if Toby is my child I can say he is not to be perfectly honest I don’t really have a family but I am a sort of more like a big sister to him he is only six you see, Like us all in charcoal house he comes from a broken family. I on the other hand didn’t my mother, Tallulah, passed away soon after holding me in her arms after my birth and my father, John, placed in a mental institution when I was just seven, I remember this visually and I will never forget what he said to me. “Don’t Blink” He said with such urgency as he was dragged away in a strait jacket. They both loved me unconditionally regardless of the fact that my time with them was cut short.

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