A universe made of stone

Have you ever felt alone? So alone that despite the fact there are millions of life forms on this one of many planets; you just feel that you need find your place in civilization, like you don’t fit in. Well you have no idea what true loneliness feels like. Nobody knows this more than my friend, my best friend, my lonely hero simply known as the Doctor.


1. one huge universe

Before my fifteenth birthday I used to think that the doctor was just a character for Saturday evening; and that torchwood was just a made up organization by Russell T Davis. But, what I never knew, what I found hard to admit on a regular basis, was that I was wrong. There is a huge gang of fighters out there holding back alien invasions that threaten each of our existence, everyday and we didn’t have a clue well, until now that is. But compared to my lonely hero we are so small, one man (sort of) against the world, against the universe, each and every one of them. This is my story of how I made a friend and found my place. How every universe became one.

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