Scarlet's Secret

This is the sequel to The Diary of An Emo.
I thought that Scarlet should be hiding a big secret that she never told Sam. This is in Scarlet's point of view.


3. Dear Diary, Sam hasn't called

Dear Diary, 

I feel like Sam has forgotten about me, as if I wasn't there for her when she was abused by her dad. I just wish she was here for me to talk to. I need to tell her about home. I need to tell her the truth. I haven't been one hundred per cent honest with her in the past, I regret it now. I have no one to talk to. No one I can trust. I don't want to tell the school, they don't help. I feel alone. 

I feel trapped. I have nothing to tell other than this diary. I just want Sam back. She's ditched me for that girl, Kayla I think her name was. I hate her. I know it's a dumb reason to hate her but I just feel like she has stolen my friend from me. Sam would be calling me every day. She would try and see me often, last Saturday she was supposed to see me but she blew it off 'cause Kayla wanted to take her to London and she accepted and everything was booked and stuff and she forgot she had arranged to see me and she had no choice but to cancel me. She didn't even arrange another day. So on Saturday, when I could have been with my dad, I sat in my room. Alone. With nothing to do but draw and read books. 

I just want my friend back. 

School isn't getting better either, since Sam went everyone needed a new sad person to bully and make their lives hell. Guess who they chose? Me! I'm not blaming Sam. I'm blaming Freya and Sam's dad. Also Kayla. I would be happy if Sam was bothered to call me every day. She just doesn't have the time 'cause she's with Kayla all the time and it's rude to ignore a friend. Hello? She's ignoring me! 

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