Scarlet's Secret

This is the sequel to The Diary of An Emo.
I thought that Scarlet should be hiding a big secret that she never told Sam. This is in Scarlet's point of view.


2. Dear Diary, Home is still crap

Dear Diary, 

Freya decided to turn the whole year against me. I knew what she was capable of doing when I became friends with her. Now ever single friend I had is gone. Even Sam. I have called everyday and she is busy with Kayla. I feel alone. Like there is no one to talk to. 

Freya told everyone I snogged her boyfriend, which wasn't true! I have never kissed a boy in my life! Her boyfriend even went along with it. It's only 'cause three years ago I had a crush on Jason. I mean, for crying out loud this was three years ago! I tried to tell mum but she told me to get lost and slapped me. Mum doesn't care. 

No one cares. 

I want to die. Dad isn't home anymore, mum hits me even more now he's gone. I have no friends. Maybe it's time for me to leave the world. I just have to find painless ways. I don't want to die a painful death, but I will if all else fails. 

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