Scarlet's Secret

This is the sequel to The Diary of An Emo.
I thought that Scarlet should be hiding a big secret that she never told Sam. This is in Scarlet's point of view.


1. Bye, Sam.

Dear Diary, 

I miss Sam. I talk to her nearly every night. Sometimes I don't because she is with Kayla. It's like she has forgotten about me. I'm happy she has made a new friend. I'm just scared she will just forget about me. At least I'm seeing her this weekend though. 

People have forgotten about Sam. The funny thing is that they were all crying at her feet on the last day. Saying they will never forget her. What makes me laugh even more is that they called her an emo and bullied her. It's funny that you can get so much attention if you leave school. 

Mum hit me again today. I wish I could tell someone that she beats me everyday. She beats me for no reason. Dad hits me too. But he's always out. They treat me like a princess if there is a guest around, but after they leave I'm their personal punch bag. 

I hate my life. I wish I didn't have to act so happy all the time. I wish I didn't have to pretend my parents are nice to me all the time. Sam thought I was positive. It was only an act. Deep down inside I'm depressed and miserable. I just don't let anyone see. 

I cut again today. I don't cut my wrist, that's stupid. I cut the top of my thigh. No one can see. I never do PE for anyone to see. I'm not allowed to do PE anyway, my knee is too delicate. 

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