The Cliffhanger

A mysterious classic story inspired by Private Peaceful by Micheal Morpugo.
It's about a person falling of a cliff etc.
Please, please feedback on how you think its going. I know chapter one isn't that exciting but this book has the classic build up and problem and I'm afraid the first 2 chapters or so are going to be like that. sorry!

It may be a bit complicated as it will have many flashbacks (i think...) :D

Please answer this question if you don't have anything to say: What do you think of Anna?

Thanks you're awesome!


2. Chapter 1

I had the same dream last night, it was about Wendy when I was 13. I always thought it was my fault and kept it in sealed. I knew it was hers it didn’t just feel right to blame her, it made me realise how games can end in tears exept this game lead to a whole new story. I’m 18 now and it is Wendy’s birthday today, only if she lived I would’ve given her my favourite dress when I was young and that album what we used to dance to when we were nine. All these memories were when she was alive. If I hadn’t let go, we would have a Mansion full of purples, creams and violets and scented lavender candles… Purple was always her favourite. We would sail of to Italy as well and become the best chefs in the world with our award winning Pizza and fly across the sky with our fairy wings. Now coming to think of it they would be the wings of Angels as Wendy could bring down her spare set from the sky abouve. This morning the sky is a murky colour with thick chunky clouds without a single white cloud transporting the angels to the heavens.

I’m now a mad lonely woman who owns a flat young working as a waitress  until I sweat each day only receiving £90 per week. Luckily my Father, Greg Stones, is the head of WOS (weather occupation society) and his buisness is worth millions as well as his wallet. He would give me £600 pounds a month as well as £100 into my bank. I have no Mum, most people these days do. They are normally like the classic housewifes from the sixties with 2 children either spoilt or not. My Mum died when I was 6, she was a scientist and one of her experiments killed her; it was to find a cure for cancer but it turned out it gave her cancer. I was there in my goggles in my dungarees, it explains why my life is in black and white and not in colour. I’m like a broken printer, no colour, nothing new and dull with my life in black and white… why does life take so long?

I stumble out of bed struggling to open my eyes. it wasn’t because I was tired, it was because I was to scared of the real world as it killed my friend. My clothes aren’t that impressive or trendy, I open my cuboard to reveal the contents of skinny white/ black vest tops, navy/ purple skinny jeans, leather mini skirts, black and purple cardigans and the single black dress what I wear for special occasions like today. I whip it out and take it into the living room to iron, it was creased and messy. I had to pay may respect to her today by going to her graveyard. empty graveyard, just a memory of her so people had somewhere to go to mourn about her death. I was told I have been aloud to go to her party this as her parents hate me and only let me go if they are kind hearted enough that day to think that I was her friend and therefore a memory that deserves to go. I try to do my hair and make up before I go so I can to the 'party' afterwards. no one will like me being there. I started to straighten my hair so I didn't look like I have overdone myself as I already have straight hair, I then lean foward to see if I need to put on some emergency dye at my roots; I have died my hair a gothic purple/ red to go with my clothes and my dark life. My make up is the same as usual: Black pencil eyeliner, smoky eyeshadow with a faint rose pink lipstick with clear lipstick to coat. I leave the house with a big floral bunch of flowers with Lavender, White roses, wild daises and some other flowers I don't know the name of. I shut my door and go to my car of to the graveyard...

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