Just a girl... But a long comes a guy

I'm Ashleigh, I have two jobs I work at a bakery and my local supermarket. I love One Direction. One day I met them. I have to keep it a secret from my friends for a while but the problem is one of my friend is madly in live with band to.

Sparks flew through the air, who will she fall for? Which one of the boys will fall in love? Will there be jealousy. What will happen to one of there friendships


2. Shopping!!

I finished work at 2:30. Jill was waiting for me out the front.

Jill drives a mini miner, she loves the car to death she always insists that she picks me up.
Jill is quite tall much taller than the other girls, she has long brown hair which she bleached the tips of to get that cool dip dyed affect. She has hazel eyes and a very pale skin tone which burns rather than tans. I have short shoulder length hair, green eyes and a kind of tanned coloured skin. But anyway... I got in the car and we drove to town.

We walked into a shop which Jill immediately fell in love with a dress. It was a tight black lace dress, it was beautiful. Jill decided to grab three other dress and went into the change room. I took a seat on white leather seat, which was located right in front of Jill's change room. She walked out in a amazing aqua coloured dress it was tight and the end of the dress was just located a few centre meters below her bum. I loved it... It looked so good on her so she gave it to me. Every time me and Jill went shopping we elected piles. If Jill gave a price of clothing it means that she we going to buy it, but if she she put it on the coach next to me it ment that she didn't like it. Jill wen back into the change room and tried on the other dresses out of the four dresses that she tried on she ended up buying three of them.

I walked into the shop next door, I decided that I was going to wear a dress as well, I tried on one dress because I didn't want to make it hard for me to choose out of a whole lot of dresses. I choose a black tight dress with lace at the front, I decided to buy the dress so I was happy when I walked out of the shop.
We didn't have to buy a new pair of shows because we already brought a pair yesterday. We got back into the car and drove to my house where Jill dropped my off
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