Strike For Love

Love. Love. Love. Alice doesn't believe in love. The words that keeps on haunting her. She swore to herself that she will never be in love. But what happens when the one and only One Direction's Niall Horan comes to her life? Will she ever believe in love again? Or will she not? Read! :)


1. Love?


Hey. I'm Alice. I'm 17. I have dirty brown hair. People say I'm beautiful. But I'm insecure about myself.  Who cares? It's not like someone is going to love me. Or at lease I thought. Because I don't believe in love. No, never.

I started to disbelief in love around when I was..14. Before that, love is everything for me. But not now - not after what happened. My ex-boyfriend, Kayne cheated on me. With my OWN BEST FRIEND, Bella. Shit, I hate her now. She knew I was dating Kayne. I caught them snogging in a park.

I loved Kayne with all my heart back then. And Bella, I thought her as my own...sister. And as a best friend.

Alright, enough about the past. Anyway, I live on my own. My family trusted me so they let me stay on my own. Don't get me wrong, I love them. I just wanna feel how to live on my own. It's great! No brother teasing me. (But I missed that, huhu.)

I have a brother too, name's Eric. I have always hated her ex-girlfriend, Stella. Ex? Yes. Eric broke up with Stella cause he caught Stella sleeping with another dude. And yes, that's another reason why I don't believe in love. And I won't. And only Eric understood my life.

And one more, I have a best friend. Name's Kevin. I picked him cause he's fun, and great. But no, I don't have feelings for him.

Enough about my life.. What about yours?

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