Strike For Love

Love. Love. Love. Alice doesn't believe in love. The words that keeps on haunting her. She swore to herself that she will never be in love. But what happens when the one and only One Direction's Niall Horan comes to her life? Will she ever believe in love again? Or will she not? Read! :)


4. Dinner.


I went straight back home texting with Alice. I smiled at myself during the walk and bumped into someone. Shit, I really should stop bumping into people.

Girl : Are you Niall from One Direction?

Niall : Hey girl! Yes, I am. What your name?

Girl : Alice. Can I have your autograph?

Niall : Aww! I have a friend named Alice! And sure, here you go.

I hand her the autograph and she hugged me. I said my goodbyes and continue walking, extra careful. I am not really in the mood for giving autographs and pictures. I'm just so..hungry.

That girl really reminded me of Alice. In some way. Yeah.

As I opened the door, Louis came and hugged me.

Niall : I..can't..b-breathe.

Louis let go of me and hugged me again, tightly this time.

Niall : Da' fuck man?

Louis : I gave you time to suck the air, right?

I pushed him away and went straight in front of the fridge. I grabbed nachos which is the leftovers from yesterday. But I don't care, food is still food. I went straight to the couch and opened the television. I can't wait for tonight.

Louis : Thinking about a girl, man?

Niall : How'd you know?

Louis : That look in your face.

Niall : Oh.

Louis : By the way, almost all the girls gave you bad ending. You sure about this mate?

Niall : Yes, this girl doesn't even know I'm from One Direction.

Louis : How'd you know she didn't recognize you?

Niall : By her look.

Louis : If you say so. What's her name? Tell me everything!

Niall : Well, she's Alice. 17. Great girl, innocent-. (But then Louis cut me off)

Louis : Innocent? Woot. Have you tried?

Niall : Shut up. I just met her yesterday. And she stays with a guy.

Louis : WHATT!? No chance for you mate.

Niall : It's not like she's in love with that guy.

Louis : What's his name?

Niall : Kevin.


Niall : Hahah. Yeah. So I'm tired and I have a date with her tonight. I probably going to doze off. Byeee.

Louis : Bye mate.

And with that I dozed off. When I woke up, it's 6:15. Shit shit shit shit. I OVERSLEPT. I checked my phone. 5 NEXT TEXT MESSAGES. 3 MISSED CALLS.

1. From Alice - Hey where are you?

2. From Alice - Niall, are you ready?

3. From Alice - I'll just wait here, if you're there.


5. From Liam - Hey mate. Any plans tonight?

I ignored other texts and replied to Alice. 'Sorry, overslept. Be there in 10!'

I repaired my hair, brushed my teeth, changed my shirt, grabbed my tux, changed my pants, sprayed a little cologne and I'm done. I grabbed my car keys and drove to Alice's with my Audi R8 5.2.

I honked my car and Alice went outside. Once she's in my car. I said to her.

Niall : I'm so sorry babe, I'm late. Overslept.

Alice : It's okay. I do that sometimes. Haha. Nice Audi.

Niall : Thanks, Harry bought this for me for my birthday.

Alice : Cool. So where are we going?

Niall : Surprise.

Alice : Can't wait.

Niall : Soo.. you live with Kevin?

Alice : Yeah, but he's working now. Evening till' night shift.

Niall : Oh.. Okay.

Once we got there, I opened the door for Alice and she somehow looked , surprised. I grabbed her hand like a gentleman should and we walked towards the door. We picked a spot and a waiter came.

Waiter : Alice?

Alice : Kevin! Hey!

Niall : Umm? Alice, you know him?

Alice : Yeah, my housemate, Kevin.

Niall : Oh.


When we arrived at the restaurant, I knew this is the place where Kevin worked. Shit now Kevin can interrupt our date.

Date? Well, outing. I don't say date. But I like him. But I don't think he is gonna like me back duh. He's just bringing me out on this 'date' to repay me whatsoever.





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