Strike For Love

Love. Love. Love. Alice doesn't believe in love. The words that keeps on haunting her. She swore to herself that she will never be in love. But what happens when the one and only One Direction's Niall Horan comes to her life? Will she ever believe in love again? Or will she not? Read! :)


3. Bumped..

I woke up seeing the bright sunshine through the window. Birds chirping, this is going to be a very good day. Or so I thought. Then the door opened.

Kevin : Ew Alice go get ready. I hate your morning face.

Alice : Get out lazy ass.

Kevin : Umm, who's the lazy ass now?

Alice : Get out.

I stood up and walked in front of the mirror and checked my face. It's not that bad. Pathetic Kevin. I got ready and walked out of the room.

Kevin : You like better.

Alice : You look gross.

Kevin : I don't care about your opinion. Go have breakfast. I made you cereal.

Alice : Whatever.

Then I grabbed the bowl when Kevin screamed something.


I rolled my eyes and giggled.

Alice : Yeah, yeah. Thanks.

Since today was my free day, I decided to jog around the park. I changed into my jogging attire and went to the park. I got out of my apartment and walked towards the park. Then my phone beeped.

From : KEVIN<; - Where are you?

I was about to reply when I bumped into someone. I looked up. Niall Horan.

Alice : Oh my god. I am so so sorry.

Niall : It's alright. Wait.. Are you that girl from Nandos?

Alice : Uhhh yeah, I'm Alice.. Niall, right?

Niall : Yeah. So what are you doing here?

Alice : Just jogging.

Niall : Oooh! Me too! Wanna go together?

I blushed for the second time in three years. Both because of him.

Alice : Sure.

So we started to jog together. I can't believe I'm jogging with THE Niall Horan. But because he is popular, several girls came and asked his autograph. Then, we continued jogging.

Niall : So.. Where do you live?

Alice : Just around here.

Niall : Alone?

Alice : Nope, with my best friend, Kevin.

Niall : A guy?

Alice : Yeah.

Niall : Ohh.

I looked at his face. Disappointed look. I looked at my watch, 12 PM. Shoot I need to go back.

Alice : I have to go.

Niall : Awwww, already?

Alice : Yeah.

Niall : Oh okay.. So, can we exchange numbers?

I nodded then we exchanged numbers. Then he hugged me. At first, I felt uncomfortable. But then I felt safe. Then I walked back. Once I opened the door, Kevin looked at me with his worried look.

Alice : What?

Kevin : Where have you been?

Alice : Jogging.

Kevin : With whom?

Alice : Someone.

I sank my bum on the comfy sofa. Kevin is still not satisfied with my answer.

Kevin : Really? Tell me.

Alice : Fine, Niall.

Kevin : Yeah, like that could happen. Who wants to see your ugly face?

I giggle then hit him playfully.

Alice : I'm pretty!

Kevin : Fine, a little bit. But I'm prettier.

Alice : I want to puke.

Kevin : Whatever.. So Niall?

Alice : I bumped into him.

Kevin : That would be so embarrassing.

Alice : IT IS NOT.

Then my phone beeped. A new text message. From Niall.

Kevin : Who's that?

Alice : Someone with the last name Horan.

Kevin : Niall? Really? You asked for his number?

Alice : Actually he asked for it.

Kevin : Ooh what does it say?

From Niall<; - Hey Alice! To make up for bumping into you, let's have dinner, tonight?

Kevin : Did you put something in his drink to make him love you?

Alice : NO! And I won't ever love him.

Kevin : As far as you know.

Anyway, I replied back.

To Niall<; - I would love to! Actually, I sorta bumped into you..

Then around a minute after that..

He replied. From Niall<; - Ooh! I'll pick you up at your house around 6?

To Niall<; - Sure this is my address - ...... ... ... .....

I gave him my address. I am actually looking forward to this. But only one thing I have to make sure, never fall in love.

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