Strike For Love

Love. Love. Love. Alice doesn't believe in love. The words that keeps on haunting her. She swore to herself that she will never be in love. But what happens when the one and only One Direction's Niall Horan comes to her life? Will she ever believe in love again? Or will she not? Read! :)


2. A normal day..not!

Beep beep beep!

Urgh, the annoying sound of the alarm! It's 8 AM. I have an hour to get ready. I have a part time job working at Nandos. Because I don't go to college and all that.

I showered, and all that chiz. I wear minimal make up. Because I'm pretty LOL. I wore my Nandos shirt and a pair of jeans.

I walked out to the living room to see Kevin made pancakes.

Alice : Hey lazy ass!

Kevin : Hey fool! I made breakfast!

Alice : Okay! Thanks.

I ate my breakfast, thanked Kevin, grabbed my car keys and left. Kevin actually has a job, at a fancy restaurant, but his shift is at night. So he can be lazy all morning as he like. And Kevin also know how my life works..and else.

Once I reached Nandos, I was quite surprised by it's surroundings. It's quiet, and yeah.. quiet.

Then a cute guy came in. He wore a pair of sunglasses and hooded onesies. When he took off the hood and the sunglasses, I knew he was blonde. His charming blue eyes.

Alice : Hello! Welcome to Nandos. How may I help you today, sir?

Guy : Hey. Can I have 3 chicken breast sandwiches, please?

Alice : Sure.

I told him the price and he paid. Well, 3 sandwiches are a lot for a slim guy like him! I went to his table and gave him his food. He stared at my green eyes.

Guy : Nice eyes.

Alice : Thank you, sir.

I blushed, for a while. And I don't know why.. this guy looked familiar. Who is he?

Once I finished working, around 4PM, I went back to my apartment. I opened the door to see Kevin watching the TV. E! News. Urgh, this guy and his celebrity news. Pathetic guy.

Alice : Hey.

Kevin : Shut up I'm watching the news! HOT!

Alice : Good to see you too.

I rolled my eyes and sat beside him on the couch. Again, don't get me wrong. He is only my BEST FRIEND. NO CRUSHES ON HIM!

Alice : What's this about?

Kevin : One Direction.

Alice : Oh. What about it?

Kevin : Watch the news, fool!

I giggled. One Direction's in America? Touring? Yeah. Alright. I like their songs, but I don't know them or how they look. Then this one guy caught my eye.

Alice : Wait a second..

Kevin : What?

Alice : The blonde haired guy.. He looked familiar.

Kevin : What about him? Your new guy or something?

Alice : Shut up. You know I don't believe in love dummy.

Kevin : ..So?

Then it hit! He was the guy I met just now!

Alice : ITS HIM!

Kevin : WHO?

Alice : I met him just now in Nandos.

Kevin : Oh. His name is Niall.

Alice : Niall. Okay.

I yawned then I turned to Kevin.

Alice : Kev, don't you have work like in.. 2 hours? Go get ready

Kevin groaned.

Kevin : 10 minutes.

I rolled my eyes again, walking up to my room. I closed the door to change my shirt. Then I laid down on my bed. Comfy, mmm. Then I started thinking about Niall. I smiled to myself. I mean, he is a celebrity, hot, cute.

Wait.. I'm not supposed to like boys.. right? But this one different. Different.

Then I dozed off.

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