Everything has changed

Willow has had a hard life, plagued by demons. This is all about to change though, as her cousin, none other than Niall Horan finds her and offers his help.

It's not only Niall though that wants to help save Willow, will she finally find someone to love her, or will it all be to much?


2. Chapter two... Tears


" Yeah, he hit her and kicked her and then pulled out a razor and cut her.", Rose's voice trembled as she spoke into the phone.

She hung up the phone and ran back over to me. " It's fine now Willow, they have sent Police and Ambulance now. They should be here in about ten minutes."

Just like Rose told me, there was a knock on the door and the Ambulance officers walked in.

" Hi Rose, where's your friend?", one of the women asked.

" Over here.", she pointed to where I was on the floor still.

" OK darling, we are here to help you.", the lady explained to me, bending down next to me.

I nodded, not able to speak, I was in to much pain.

" Willow, I need you to tell me where it hurts. Point to it if you want.", she smiled kindly at me.

I quickly pointed  to my stomach. She lifted my shirt and what I saw made me cry out with a different kind of pain. My skin was turning purple with bruising, swollen and red.

" If I'm not mistaken, you have some broken ribs by the looks of this.", she pressed gently but I still screamed at the contact her hand made with my stomach.

I willed myself to look around instead, focus on her auburn coloured hair, Rose who was being taken care of by the other officer.

" We will need to take you to the hospital.", she explained quickly while starting to clean the various cuts on my body.

Hearing this made me burst into tears, I hated hospitals, they terrified me.

" It's alright sweetheart, when we get to the hospital they will take good care of you and then I think the Police want to talk to you about the man who did this.", she pointed to my injured body.

" Are you cold?", she asked suddenly, it was only then that I noticed I was shivering. " We need to keep you warm, stop you from going into shock."

I nodded and she wrapped me in a blanket.

Twenty minutes later we were at the hospital, I had had an x-ray and I did have broken ribs, several. Rose sat next to my bed, she hadn't left my side.

" You are in a stable condition now Miss, but you will have to stay for a few days.", the doctor informed me.

I nodded, I didn't really mind as long as I got to have a sleep.

The next two days were difficult, apart from the pain, I was terrified. More terrified then I had ever been before. Was I going to be forced to go back to that horrid place? Or were the department going to find me a new place to stay?

Everything was still so uncertain, and the last thing I needed was uncertainty.

Around six o'clock on the second day of my stay at the hospital, a nurse walked in with a Police Officer behind her.

I really wasn't ready for this! I wasn't sure I could just tell this person everything that had been happening to me for the last 15 years.

But I knew I had to.

If I didn't we would be made to go back to the orphanage for sure.

" Willow, I'm here to ask you some questions about what has been happening to you at the orphanage. I need you to be as honest as possible, tell me everything even if it seems silly or insignificant to you.", the officer sat down and looked at me expectantly.

" Willow, you can tell him, he's here to help us.", Rose told me.

I nodded, and just sat there for a minute before deciding that she was right.


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