Everything has changed

Willow has had a hard life, plagued by demons. This is all about to change though, as her cousin, none other than Niall Horan finds her and offers his help.

It's not only Niall though that wants to help save Willow, will she finally find someone to love her, or will it all be to much?


6. Chapter six...London

It didn't take long for me to wake up again, even the airport was different.

As we stood, waiting for our bags to go through, I looked outside and realised that it was snowing. Millions of small white frozen flakes covering the ground.

" Niall, look! It's snowing.", I told him excitedly.

" Sure is, you will need to change, it'll be cold out there.", he told me. Walking over to the conveyer belt to get our luggage.

" Have you seen snow before?", he asked.

I shook my head. I had never even once seen snow having lived in Brisbane my whole life.

" You wait till we get home, it's awesome.", he smiled.

It didn't take long and we were on our way. To be honest the hectic atmosphere was a little bit scary.

" Here, Willow, go into the bathroom, get changed and freshen up if you want. I'll be waiting right here.", he pointed to the spot in front of him.

I walked into the bathroom, and walked up to one of the long mirrors. I didn't look to bad, but the sight wasn't pretty, the bruises were still there.

I washed my face quickly before putting on stockings, skirt, a singlet and sweater that fell off my shoulders. Topping it off with a black trench coat and black heels. I then fixed my face with what little makeup I had.

I walked out feeling a lot better about myself then I had fifteen minutes earlier. I still didn't think much of myself though. I guess getting told you're worthless for 15 years rubs off on you; as a result I had major self esteem issues.

" You look beautiful.", Niall smiled at me, when I reached him. " You might want to get ready because there is a small group of fans that noticed me, and they want to meet you. They heard that you are my cousin."

" Do, do they know what happened?", I struggled to get the question out as I started to feel nervous.

" No, I would never ever tell them without asking you first Willow.", he told me seriously. " If you want we can hold a press conference later to explain what happened to you. But only if you are comfortable with it.", he reassured me.

" Maybe, I think for now though I just want to meet these fans you have been telling me about.", I sighed, my nerves were really starting to get to me.

Niall led me to a different part of the airport and what I saw shocked me, so much so that I just stood there. If my mouth was open any wider than I probably would have felt it hit the ground, but I couldn't help it. There were probably 100 or more teenage girls standing there, all smiling at me.

" This is what you call a few people?", I whisper shouted in my cousin's ear.

He just laughed quietly, before nodding.

" Wow.", I gasped, looking around in total awe.

Before I could say anything more he had his arm around me and was leading me towards the huge, well huge to me group of girls.

" Girls, this is my beautiful cousin Willow. Now feel free to say hi and so on, but please don't shout at her. She's had a long couple of days and I'm sure she's more than a little tired.", Niall warned them.

" Why have they been so long?", one girl in the front asked curiously. Oh God, this was exactly what I had been scared of. What if they found out?

Luckily though Niall was used to all the attention and questions, and was able to answer before any more questions were asked.

" She's just not used to the long flights, that's all. She used to live in Australia see.", he explained, with a warm smile.

It was half true, I wasn't used to the flights, and I had lived in Australia only a few days before. But if only they knew the reason I was so tired.

The girl seemed happy with his explanation though, and I couldn't help but smile at Niall. He just hugged me a little tighter.

" Do you mind if we get a photo?", one girl asked holding out the camera to Niall and beckoning me over. I quickly made my way over and took the photo. It felt weird to be the one getting the attention, good attention at that. I thought of Rose who was back at that horrid place all alone, and made a mental note to call her later that night.

" What's it like having Niall as a cousin?", a girl about my age asked. She had light brown hair and tan skin.

" Well to be honest I didn't even know he was my cousin until about three days ago. I haven't met any of the other boys yet, I'm actually a Directioner myself.", I smiled at the thought of Rose and me fangirling on my dorm bed.

" Wow, how does that work?", she seemed amazed, and hanging on every word I said.

" Well Niall decided it would be cool if I came and lived with him for a bit, and so he came and got me.", Again only half the truth was there, but what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them. Besides I didn't feel like sharing my life story with a bunch of strangers.

We spent another 15 minutes talking to various people, they all seemed nice. After that though, Niall decided that it was time to go and so we bid the fans goodbye, and made our way to another black van.

" Time to go shopping I think.", he grinned.

" I agree.", I smiled. " Your fans are awesome by the way.", I told him as I got in the car.

" Yeah, they are, they really like you. Maybe we should make you a Twitter account when we get the time. I'll teach you how to use a computer properly.", he told me when he saw my worried expression.

" OK.", I agreed, leaning my head on his shoulder. Already he was more like a brother than a cousin. And for that I was grateful.

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