Everything has changed

Willow has had a hard life, plagued by demons. This is all about to change though, as her cousin, none other than Niall Horan finds her and offers his help.

It's not only Niall though that wants to help save Willow, will she finally find someone to love her, or will it all be to much?


4. Chapter four... Visitor to the hospital

I didn't answer him, instead I just stared. Why the hell was Niall from One Direction in my hospital room? All the way in Australia, not back in England with his band mates.

" W- Why are you here?", my tongue refused to form words clearly.

" Well I saw you on the news and I thought I would come and visit you.", he explained with a gentle smile.

" That doesn't explain anything. Why would a famous singer from a world famous boy band come and visit someone like me?", I asked, feeling  more than a little puzzled.

" Well, have you thought about your last name Willow?", he asked, knowing I was seeing what he was getting at.

" Yes, but, but, there has to be more than one family in the world with the last name Horan.", I argued.

" Willow, please don't freak out when I tell you this alright? But you are my cousin.", he told me slowly.

" What?!", I yelled.

" Shh, it's true Willow, I wouldn't lie to you. I realised that I was related to you the other day and I came to see of you wanted to live with me and he boys back home?", he asked.

" Really?", I asked, not sure if he was bluffing or not.

" Really, the boys thought you would be safer with us and I agree, you can come on tour with us and everything.", he rocked back on his heels, a hopeful expression on his face.

" Alright.", I agreed with a smile, he instantly came and hugged me. It felt nice to be in someones embrace

" So, since, you have to stay here for a few more days yet, I am going to stay too. Why don't you tell me about yourself?", he asked, coming over to sit on my bed. " Tell me about your friend too, I saw her in the corridor and she started fan girling.", he laughed.

" That's Rose. She's crazy, and it doesn't surprise me that she was fan girling, we love One Direction and you are her favourite member.", I told him with a smile.

" Really?", he asked with a cheeky grin. " Who is your favourite Willow?"

" Zayn.", I answered truthfully blushing.

" I don't blame you, he is a good guy, he's single too, I might see if I can set you up.", he laughed.

" You wouldn't.", I growled.

He just smiled. " Tell me more about you. We have never even met and we are cousins, we have a lot of catching up to do."

" Well, I was abused in an orphanage. But you already know that.", I felt tears in my eyes, he gathered me up and hugged me tight, he already felt like family.

" What else is there to know about you, books you like, your favourite colour and more?", he asked.

" Well, my favourite book would have to be either Harry Potter or Twilight, and my favourite movies are the Notebook, Love actually and Titanic.", I told him.

" Just like Harry.", he told me.

For the next two days we got to know one another, he told me all about what it was like to work in the music industry, quite fun apparently.

" Alright Willow, you are free to leave with Niall, here are your adoption papers.", the nurse told me, handing me a whole stack of papers.

" What?", my brow furrowed with confusion.

My mum, Maura, adopted you. But you are going to be living with me and the boys.", Niall explained.

" Maura is my Aunt? Correct?", I asked.

" That's right, now lets get going before we miss the plane back to London, I already had my security guard Preston pack your things for you, so you don't need to worry."

" OK, thank you.", I smiled.

" That's fine, oh and by the way, when we get back to London you and I are going shopping, you are in serious need of new belongings, clothes phone, laptop everything.", he  told me.

" You don't have to do that.", I told him.

" I know, I don't but I want to.", he smiled. " I should warn you for the future to that sometimes our fans get a little crazy,  and they will have some questions about you. We always use the back entrances of buildings and so on but sometimes fans still find us. Especially when we are hopping in and out of cars.", he warned.

I suddenly felt very nervous.

" Don't worry Willow, it'll be  fine.", he reassured me as we hopped in a van on the way to Brisbane International Airport

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