Everything has changed

Willow has had a hard life, plagued by demons. This is all about to change though, as her cousin, none other than Niall Horan finds her and offers his help.

It's not only Niall though that wants to help save Willow, will she finally find someone to love her, or will it all be to much?


5. Chapter five...The flight across the pond

We made it to the airport in half an hour, went through security and boarded the plane.

" We are flying first class.", Niall told me with a big smile.

" What? I have never even been on a plane, at least not when I would remember, and we are going first class?", I questioned.

" Yep.", he answered.

Once we were in our seats, I started to feel nervous. What if the plane crashed.

" I'm scared.", I stated as we took off.

" We'll be fine Willow, you're more safe up here than you are when you ride in a car.", he told me, taking my hand.

" I have an idea, sine no one else is here and we won't have fans asking questions, lets talk to the boys on Twitter through instant message.", he told me.

" OK.", I agreed, nervous.

" Don't worry they won't bite, and besides, they have been texting me all day begging to talk to you.", he told me.

" Really?", why would they want to talk to me?

" Because they all ant to get to know you, and I may or may not have told Zayn about your little crush.", he admitted with a sheepish grin.

" Seriously Niall, did you have to? Now what is he going to think of me?", I freaked out as he logged onto Twitter and told the boys to connect so that we could all chat.

" He thought it was quite bold of you to tell me that.", Niall answered.

" Say hi to the lads!", he told me as he typed quickly on his Mac Book.

" Hi.", I said, laughing, knowing that they couldn't hear me, only see what I was typing.

" Here, you type Willow, I can talk to them when we get home.", Niall told me, handing me the expensive machine.

" What do I say to them?", I asked, not knowing what I should say to a famous boy band.

" Here.", he took the laptop back and quickly typed something to the boys.

When he handed it back, I saw that he had told the boys to each ask me a question.

" What is you favourite colour?", looking down the bottom of the message I saw that it was Louis that had asked the question.

" Purple.", I answered quickly, pressing enter.

" Just like me!", Liam had joined in the conversation on his account.

" Why do you like our band so much?", he had sent his question through.

I had to think about it before I typed my reply.

" Because, you offer me an escape. I could lock my dorm door at the orphanage and just focus my thoughts on your voices. Instead of fearing for my life every waking second.", I answered truthfully.

" Good to know we were able to help you through a hard time.", Harry responded, adding a smiley emoticon at the end of the message.

" What do you most want to see when you get to London?", he asked a few seconds later.

" Hm, the London Eye and Big Ben.", I answered quickly, I had always wanted to see those two things above all others.

" That can be arranged.", I jumped before turning around in my seat to see that Niall was reading over my shoulder.

" You scared me!", I hit him playfully, before relaxing back into my spacious leather seat.

" I didn't mean to, I'm sorry.", he apologised with a very convincing grin.

" Why do you like me the most?", this was probably the hardest question for me to answer. Not only because it was from Zayn who was asked the question, but because I didn't want to sound shallow.

" Because, you are mysterious and alluring, you act like you're a bad boy, but really you love your family deeply. Everyone knows that, and you're hot, I'm not going to deny it.", I flushed red as I typed.

" Good to know, you like me for things besides my looks.", came his reply a few minutes later. I could help but yawn, all the thinking and travel was starting to get to me.

" Give me the computer Willow, get some rest darling.", Niall told me.

" Alright.", I mumbled, before handing it back to him and relaxing further into my seat.

It didn't take long for me to fall asleep. For once on my life I felt safe shutting my eyes, knowing that I was going to wake again.

It felt like I had only been asleep for two minutes, but soon enough I was being gently shaken awake.

" Willow, we're here, time to get up.", Niall told me, standing from his seat.

" Did I really sleep the whole flight?", I questioned, as I followed him through the plane.

" You sure did. But I don't blame you, I would be thinking that you haven't had a decent sleep in a while.", he told me.

" That would be right.", I confirmed with a grin smile.

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