Everything You Said To Me

Arianne had a rough life but can 5 boys change that? or just make it worse?



2. Why Dont You Talk To Me?

(Arianne's POV)

I quickly looked away from the person who pulled the always empty chair out and sat on it they arranged their binder and sat back in their chair I kept my lips in a straight line Hailey sat across the row from me with her other friend Tammi she mouthed

"OMG" to me I didnt smile I kept my mouth in a straught line like usual she wrote on a piece of paper and crumpeled it up and threw it over it bounced off the desk and went under his chair I looked at it and thought about going for it then I didnt but his hand reached down I was planning on him opening it and going threw my buisness when he let it lay in the middle of his palm I gentley took it out of his palm I couldnt control myself I looked into his eyes his beautiful green eyes I nodded a thank you and turned back un-folding the note and it read

Damn Ari! your like a One Direction magnet! :) LOL

I crumpeld it and threw it back across to her and she looked at me I shook my head

"Whatever" she whispered smiling

I tunred back to my paper as the teacher was speaking when I felt eyes on me I turned and looked at him he was looking forward when his eyes clicked over to mine our eye contact was held

'Whats your name?" He whispered

I turned and faced the front again I heard his chair slide up he poked my shoulder I turned our eyes meeting again

"Did I say something wrong?" he asked I shook my head meaning No

"Ok so whats your name?" he asked

I shook my head he looked at me confused

"Why wont you talk to me?" he asked

I just looked down thats when the teacher told us to get started on our project

"She doesnt speak" Hailey came over seeing I was struggling she must love this she gets to talk and be short ammounts of distance away from one direction He sighed and shook his curls pushing some to the side he sniffled and looked up at me

"Do you know sign language?" he asked I shook my head meaning No

"Well thats just perfect why cant you talk?" He asked I shrugg he looked over my shoulder and signalled Hailey to come over she gladly did.

"Why cant she talk" He asked

"She chooses not too" She said

"Why?" he asked

"She has a bad past." Hailey says

"we both do" She adds.

"What happened if you dont mind me asking" he says

"I dont mind but I think Arianne will" she said

"Whos Arianne?" he asked

"Her" she said pointing to me I just looked at him and then my work Hailey returned to her desk and we started on our projects.

"Hey Arianne" he says quitely I turn

"can you tell me the story?"

I'm getting tired of him I open my mouth....




















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