Everything You Said To Me

Arianne had a rough life but can 5 boys change that? or just make it worse?



4. Take Me Away...Please

(Harry's POV)

I dont know what compelled me to keep trying to get her to talk but I wanted to know what was wrong incase I could help her at all I dont know why I cared so much like I dont even know the girl right? Anyways after she finally talked to me she was yelling that she was hurt... after that she walked away I was so frustrated because all I wanted to do was help her I walked down the hall I ounched a locker and left a little dent my hand hurt after that when I got pulled into what looked like a storage closet and a girl with black hair and brown eyes stood looking at me

I reconized her it was Arianne's friend

"What are you doing?" she asked

"I'm trying to help" I said

"Why you dont even know her I've been trying to get her to talk for a full year shes gotten mad at me many times and when she gets mad at you she yells out of all things yells at you thats toatally not Arianne." She said looking up into my eyes

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked

"No you made her talk Harry I might have a chance of getting the old Arianne back" she said

"What happened anyways?" I asked she sighed and started telling me the story..

(Arianne's POV)

I turned the corner and saw him my ex Joel I went up to his out stretched arms he didnt try to talk to me he knows I dont talk she pulled suicide while we were dating so he knows he hugged me close to him as I cried into his chest

"You'll be ok" he whispered

"I miss her so much" I sobbed quietly he didnt get all OMG because I talked he compforted me I though of Liam I thought of Harry I dont know why I had to tie them down with my sadness I dont know why I was so mean to Harry...

I had some sorrys to say.

(Harry's POV)

I listened as Hailey told the story about how her and Arianne's friend pulled suicide thats why Arianne went silent

"Why didnt you go silent?" I asked she shrugged

"Didnt crush me as bad as it did Ari" she said I looked up and connected eyes with her once more

'Anyways Ari has just been an emotional wreck Gabriella pulled suicide her boyfriend Joel dumped her it was horrible and after Joel dumped her he slept around and it abosultly crushed Ari she was destroyed she just went silent"

"I feel so horrible for being such a dickhead to her" I said looking down away from her eyes

"You did nothing wrong Harry you broke her shell you did a good thing and I thank you for that like I said I might have a chance to get the old her back" She said I nodded

"What was she like?" I asked

"She was a huge Directioner... she loved to go to the beach go on rollercoasters go to movies do all sorts of things she like having a boyfriend in her life she likes to have kisses in the rain she like swiming in the ocean and doing all sorts of fun stuff like that she enjoyed eberything always happy and picking up everyones moods now shes always sad and putting down everyones moods" she said

"She didnt do that to me she lifted my mood" I said I couldnt control myself she gasped

"You like her" she said sounding a bit along the lines of jealous and happy

"I dont know yet, but you sound jealous" I said she blushed

"I'm not jealous" she said I raised my eye brows

"K fine I'm super jealous..." she said

I chuckled

"Hey I'm considered probably one of the luckiest Directioners ever" she said smiling slightly

"Your a Directioner?" I asked

"You caught that bit eh?" she said

"Yeah I did.. so whos your favorite?" I asked out of curiosity

"Zayn" she said flat out I made a pouty face

"You mean its not me?" I said

'Well some things can change" she said winking at me I bit my lower lip..

(Arianne's POV)

Where is he?" Joel said angrily

"Who?" I asked

"That Harry Styles prick" he said clenching his fist

"Joel you wouldnt we both know that" I said trying to calm him down

'No I've chnaged where the fuck is he?!" he yelled from outside of the school we've been skipping the afternoon I'm guessing Harry was in class anyways

"He's probably in class Joel" I said

"After school I'm going to beat the shit out of him" Joel said getting up from the bench and pacing

"Joel stop your scaring me" I said

"I'm just stressed Ari" He said I stood up and stopped him from pacing

"Why?" I asked

He sighed and cupped my face in his hands and slammed his lips against mine.

(Harry's POV)

"Harry your such a flirt let me out" She said as I stood in her way of the door I looked down at her she was smiling and blushing like crazy

"Why do you wanna get out so bad?" I asked

"I dont know because were missing class" she said

"Oh your sassy I like it" I said biting my lower lip and letting my eyes travel over her face

"Stop flirting with me and stop biting your lip" she said trying to push me out of the way but failing

"What will make you let me leave?" she asked I smirked

"You want me to kiss you dont you?" she asked I leaned in and she leaned in tow our lips inches then I leaned away

"To bad you like Zayn..." I said trailing off she sighed

"Shut up and kiss me" she said and slammed her lips on mine for some reason I thought of Arianne...

(Arianne's POV)

Joel leaned out and walked away from me leaving me outside I didnt think he would stay...

I sat down and hugged my knees to my chest I started to cry Joel?! why did I trust him he didnt want anything to do with me but I still trusted him which is stupid of me why do I have such a crapy life I am actaully considering ending it Gabriella knew what she was doing...


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