Everything You Said To Me

Arianne had a rough life but can 5 boys change that? or just make it worse?



5. Stay Here With Me

(Arianne's POV)

I was sitting aganist the brick on the outside or the school Crying thinking about wheater I should live or die when I heard the door open

"Joel?" I whispered when I connected eyes with the lovely chocolate ones I looked away when he sat down I saw his black skinny jeans and red high top converse strech out beside me his red T-shirt with a black cardigan and his dirty blond fo-hawk he looked at me I glanced over at him

"I found you" he said

"You've been looking for me?" I asked

"Ever since after I met you well didnt really meet you and nice to know your speaking now" He said

"I just wanna be left alone" I said he slowly laced his fingers with mine on the cold ground I looked down at our hands and back up into his eyes

"Dont try to help me" I said quietly

"you cant stop me" He said

"I'm not going to be here much longer Liam" I said

"What do you mean?" he asked

"I have decicded to end my life" I admitted to him

"You cant do that" Liam said

"Why not?" She asked

"I dont want you to die" He says

"No body here gives a shit about me Liam" I said

"I could if you let me" He said

"What are you saying?" I asked

"Theres something about you Arianne.."

"What is it?" I asked

"I think I might be inlove with you" he said I didnt believe it

"Liam we just met" I said

"Like I said theres something about you"

"Thats impossible it doesnt make sense how could someone like you like me?" I asked

"I dont know"

"How can you not know are you just trying to get me out of killing myself because your not making much sen-" he cut me off by placing his lips on mine he turned sidewards facing me and put his hands on my waist I put mine on his face

Could he really keep me alive?




























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