Everything You Said To Me

Arianne had a rough life but can 5 boys change that? or just make it worse?



1. Shutting Everyone Out.

(Arianne's POV

I walk down the halls of my high school I heard around that the guys from One Direction were coming to my school I dont like them...

"Arianne!" someone called my name I just turned up my music in my head phones I shut people out I dont talk

"Arianne" someone said tugging out my head phones then I realized it was Hailey the girl I've known since kindergarden she knows I dont talk anymore not since our other friend Gabreila pulled suicide a year ago.

"One Direction are here!" she said happily she likes One Direction but I dont like I said before

I shrugged

"Why wont you talk to me?" she asked I havent talked to her in a year, hell I havent even talked to anyone in a year.

"OMG here comes Liam" she said just then Liam walked by he bumped my shoulder he turned I did to

"I'm so sorry" he said I nodded and kept my eyes down

He looked at me curiously

"Are you ok did I hurt you?" he asked

I shook my head and turned around and started to walk

he caught up with me and Hailey and touched my arm I looked up at him and then back to the ground

"Whats wrong?" he asked

"She doesnt talk" Hailey says

"You mean she cant talk or she doesnt?" he asked

"She doesnt, like she chooses not too" She explained

"Why not" he asked

"Long story wait for the movie" She said Liam stopped in his tracks as we kept moving down the hall I sat down in science class and looked over the experiment paper

The seat beside me was empty no one ever sat beside me because I was "Boring" because I never talked...

But today some one decicded to sit there...











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