Everything You Said To Me

Arianne had a rough life but can 5 boys change that? or just make it worse?



3. Mistake

(Arianne's POV)

I realized what I was doing and quickly closed my mouth he looked at me expecting me to talk but I turned around I heard him sigh but I ignored him he slid a folded piece of paper towards me I took it and opened it

Can you send notes or is that cheating?

I sighed and folded it up and slid it back he wrote again and slid it back again

Why do you choose to not talk? How long have you gone without talking? I have so much questions why cant you just answer them?

I slid it back he crumpeled up the note I focused on my work after that class I started to walk to my next one when Harry grabbed my arm and stopped me in the hall everyone looked, he looked into my eyes

'Please just talk to me" he begged

I didnt say anything

"I can help you" he said

I didnt say anything... again.

"Whats wrong with you?" he asked everyone kept looking I couldnt hold it in

"I'm Hurt ok?!" I yelled I forgot the sound of my voice he looked shocked everyone gasped

I turned and walked away this time he didnt try and stop me good he made the right choice I was fuming but when I turned the corner I saw the second person I would rather not see but when I saw him I wanted to break down and cry in his arms


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