Everything You Said To Me

Arianne had a rough life but can 5 boys change that? or just make it worse?



6. Jealous Of You? Please...

(Arianne's POV)

Me and Liam walked down the hall as we walked straight into Harry and Hailey I had mixed feelings about this for some reason....

"Hey guys" Hailey said all happy I glared at her she looked at me funny Liam nudged me I looked away from Hailey

"What?" I asked

"Harry asked if you were ok"  Liam said

"Oh yeah I'm fine now thank you" I said taking a quick glance at Hailey and then back to Liam's face then out the window trying to avoid Harry's

"So what should we do?" 

"How about go to class? we can make it with out being late for the next period' Harry says

"What class does everyone have?" Liam asked

"My scedule matches Arianne's" Harry says Liam looks up and Hailey had that jealous girlfriend type it made me smile I didnt realize while I was smiling I was looking at Harry he was smiling back.

"Alright then lets get to class!" Liam says in his atthority voice, everytime I look at Liam I feel his lips on mine he is amazing and I did feel something with him but right now looking at Harry and smiling at him I get butterflies and it feels perfect.

Hailey and Liam walked down the hall the opposite way of me and Harry we stopped at each other's lockers so we could get our books and stuff We reached our class Drama we walked in and sat next to each other the teacher Ms.Patterson Welcomed Harry

"Ok class today we are going to be studying a play I hope and pretty much know you all know about it it is called Romeo and Juliet" she looked us all over it was class rules to sit with a male every class

"You will be doing this play with your desk partners" she said there was chatting and then she sighed Ms.Patterson wasnt a mean teacher nor was she harsh she was easy going and young she was only 27 years old she was cool one of my favorites actually

She walked around the classroom handing out two scrips a table when she came by me and Harry's desk she handed them out I took one in my hands

                                                   William Shakespeare

                                                    Romeo & Juliet            

 What you need to do for a 90% or more in other terms an A then you will need to make people think you are actually Romeo and Juliet. If you want a good mark a really good mark then you can even do this kiss scenes. You dont have to its for the people who really want good marks.Make sure your partner is focused and on track at all times, If anything bad happeneds like they ditch you at home practices then come tell the teacher (Ms.Patterson) and I will have a little chat with them.

Hope you all do great!

I flipped the page and the lines were printed I was doing the play 'Romeo & Juliet' with no one other than Harry Styles.



this whole Romeo & Juliet idea is from a story I am coming out with called 'My Romeo'

hope you see that soon! xx 






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