Forever and Always

This is a story about a girl, who hasn't always had the best life....but she meets 5 boys, that pick up the pieces of her broken heart and fix it :)

Warning: May contain swearing and other things...


10. Chapter 9

I surveyed the room. There was debris everywhere, where people had thrown things around the room. The red curtains I had loved so much, had been replaced with stark white ones. Well, they would have been white if blood wasn't splattered all over them. The sofa we used to cuddle on, had now been taken residence by a bruised Harry. I could hear fighting in another room down the hall and assumed that's where the others were, I crept over to Harry to survey the damage. I looked at Harry, his face more like an angel than human. His curls were all knotted, he had a couple of big, bad bruises. He had blood coming from his head where it looked like someone had smashed him over the head with a glass bottle. Other than that, he had a deep cut on his bottom lip.

Poor Harry I thought to myself.

I saw Liam hauling Niall up the stairs, and checked out Niall as well. Niall was groaning something about how his arms hurt, which would explain why he was cradling his right arm. He had a few bruises, but looked better off than Harry.

"Get him downstairs, he's injured. I don't want him to get hurt" I spoke with a hushed voice.

"Ok, then I'll come back and get Harry" he said, mimicking my hushed tone.

I nodded, and Liam turned and carefully went back down the stairs. I crept forward towards the grunting and a feeling of dread crossed over my mind.

What would have happened to Zayn and Louis? Niall and Harry were alright, but they had clearly missed most of the fight.

I lifted the umbrella in front of me, but realized it was no use because my hands were shaking to much, so I dropped it again. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to shake the images forming in my mind.

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