Forever and Always

This is a story about a girl, who hasn't always had the best life....but she meets 5 boys, that pick up the pieces of her broken heart and fix it :)

Warning: May contain swearing and other things...


18. Chapter 17

I look at my feet and sighed. This is not how it was supposed to turn out. I wasn't supposed to run back into the boys! I thought to myself as Liam scanned his key-card to open the hotel door. I walked in and tried not to think about the disturbing colour of the walls. We walked to the room we had left behind and I was surprised to see it all cleaned up.

"What happened? Last time we were here, the room was a mess?" I asked.

"Ahh, she finally speaks, I was beginning to wonder if you'd became a mute. You didn't say a word the whole way here" He teased. "After you ran off, we tried to follow you. But we lost sight of you and came back here to think of what to do next. We cleaned up while we were here.

"Oh" Was all I said.

I looked across the room, my eyes falling on the couch Niall had been lounging on earlier. I walked over to it. It was big enough to seat at least three people and appeared to be made of leather. I sat down, crossing my legs. I looked back to Liam and couldn't see him. I was about to get up and look for him, when my phone buzzed.

Hey Kai, don't go on Facebook ok? K wrote a really nasty message about you on your wall :/ ~Natalie

I had to read the message a couple of times before it hit me. I ignored Natalie's warning and logged onto Facebook. I looked up my profile and froze. The was a message there, and it most definitely was NOT very nice.

Slut! That's all you are! You may try to convince other people others that you're not, but I know the truth! I know you better than anyone. You are a slut. You go around fucking guys like there is no tomorrow. Slow down girl, I don't think you need another abortion. Seriously. Don't get pregnant in the first place, then you won't have to kill a child. You're a murderer. You killed that poor child. I bet he's judging you from heaven. You are cheap, so cheap that you'd fuck a man that's in a relationship! You disgust me Kai, you really do!

Abortion? My eyes widened. Kevin was the only one I told about that. I started to shake. It was one of my deepest secrets, one I kept so close to myself that he was the only one who knew about it.

"Are you ok?"

I jumped at the sound of Liam's voice. I'd been so caught up in my freak-out, that I didn't hear him approach. Liam walked in front of me and handed me a blanket.

"Are you ok?" he repeated.

"Ye-ah" I replied, my voice cracking.

"That doesn't sound very convincing, what's up?" He asked, concern flashing across his face once again.

"Nothing, I'm fine" I said shakily.

Liam held up his hand. A big, soft deep purple blanket was in it. He reached up and wrapped it around me. It was only then that I realized I was shaking.

"Th-thank you" I replied, my voice wavering.

"You're welcome" He said "Now what's wrong?"

"I told you. Nothing." I replied.

He sighed. "I can tell by looking at you that that's not true. Please?"

This time it was me who sighed. "I just... I just don't want to talk about it" I said looking down.

"I know, but sometimes you need to talk about things. It'll make you feel better" He replied.

"Yeah, that's worked so well for me, that last person I opened up to betrayed me. Today actually. I seriously thought I could trust them, but obviously I can't" I rushed out. My eyes widened.

I have just given something away. Oh Shit! Shut your mouth Kai! I thought to myself.

"What do you mean? Betrayed you?" He questioned.

"Uh... nothing, he just did"

"He?" He asked, eyebrows shooting up.

I looked down, ignoring the question.

"Look Kairi, I know you feel alone, I know you feel like no-one is there for you, and that you can't trust anyone, but some people are ok? Some people care. I can tell by your eyes that you hold a lot of secrets. I'm not asking you to spill your heart out. I just don't want to see you upset. Please? You can trust me. It would be in confidentiality. No-one will know about this conversation except you and me." He said softly.

"I can't-"

"You can" he said cutting me off. "You just have to want to".

I do want to. I really do. I hate having all of this in my head. I hate beating myself up for it every day and every night. I want it to stop! For once in my life, I wanted to open up. Tell him about me. But then again, can I trust him? He says I can, but does he REALLY mean it? The lingering thought stuck in my head.

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