They Don't Know About Us

"What is the difference between us anyway?" I practically yell. "The difference," he says, "is that I love you."

Lily Roberts is an upcoming star, Niall Horan is part of the biggest boy band in the world, what will happen when they are forced to date for publicity?


3. Chapter Two


“Excuse me?” I ask.

“We need you to do something for us. Come to the studio immediately.” The man says and hangs up. That was weird. I guess I’ll have to talk to Michael another time. I walk to the office and tell them I have an emergency. I walk out of the school and into my car and drive over to the studio. When I arrive I hop out of my car and head inside as quickly as possible. I walk in and see George, some blond haired boy and probably the man I was talking to.

“You wanted to see me?” I say.

“Yes. Lily this is Niall from One Direction. Niall this is Lily.” George says.

“Hello.” I say and smile. I can’t get away from them.

“Hi.” Niall says.

“So since you are an upcoming star, we think it would be best if you dated Niall.” The man says.

“Um, I’m not really looking for a relationship right now.” I say.

“No, no, no, not actually date him. You know just for publicity. Niall needs it too.” George explains.

“This would also be good publicity for you. You know ‘dating’ a boy from the most famous boy band right now.” The man says.

“So what do you say?” George asks. The last thing I want to do is spend time with someone from One Direction. Too much pressure was on me right now.

“I guess so, just for a little bit.” I say. The two men cheer and push Niall into me.

“There are paparazzi outside, so go act like you’re in love.” George says pushing us out the door. We slowly walked down the hallway.

“So I hear you play guitar." He says to break the silence.

"Yep." I say. I don't think he really liked this either. We reach the door and look at each other.

"So do we hold hands or..." He starts but trails off. I shrug. I grab his hand and walk out the door. All of a sudden there were flashing lights everywhere. I could barely see where I was going. I could feel him pulling me through the crowd of paparazzi.

"Hop in the car." He says. I nod and get in his car. We drive out of the parking lot and he starts driving.

"What about my car?" I ask.

"We will come back later for it." He says. I nod.

"We'll I have to get back to school." I explain.

"Okay where is it?" He asks. I give him directions and he heads over. When we get there I quickly hop out of the car and start to shut the door but stops me before I do. "I'll pick you up and take you to you car, i-if you want." He says.

"Yeah sure." I say and shut the door. He drives off and I walk back inside. My stomach growls, man I missed lunch. That's just great. I walk into my next class and sit next to Ali.

"Where were you at lunch?" She asks.

"I had some business to take care of." I say.

"Sounds interesting." She says.

"Oh it is." I say.

"Lily, how about you read for us." The teacher says. Crap I left my backpack in my car which is still at the studio.

"Uh, I don't have my book with me." I say.

"And why not?" He asks.

"Because I left it at home?" I say unsure he would buy it. He sighs and calls on someone else.

"What happened?" Ali whispers. Was I allowed to tell her? I don't know.

"Just recording drama." I say acting as if it was nothing. The bell rings and I walk to my locker. I turn around and see Michael coming my way. My heart stops as he walks by. The final bell rang and I walked out of the school. I saw a bunch of girls crowded around somewhere. I start walking up and saw it was Niall's car.

"Hey babe!" He says and walks up to me. Everyone watched me. I gave him a weak smile. He put his arm around me and walked me to the car. I closed the door and he went around the the other side. My phone starts buzzing. It was Zoey, oh gosh.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Why didn't you tell me you are dating Niall!?!" She says as if she was offended.

"I didn't think it was that important." I say.

"IMPORTANT?! Your dating an international pop star. How is that not important?" She asks.

"Sorry." I say simply.

"How did it happen?" She asks. I wasn't going to tell her in front of Niall, I mean what if I'm not supposed to tell anyone.

"Love you too mom, bye." I say and hang up.

"What did your mom want?" He asks. Why does he have to know?

"Oh uh, I didn't clean my room." I say. He nods.

"So uh, who's your favorite singer?" He asks trying to break the awkwardness. It wasn't really working.

"Justin Bieber." I say.

"Really? Me too! I love him. I also like Demi Lovato." He says.

"Is she your like celebrity crush or something?" I ask. He blushes.

"Aww." I say. He laughs.

"Well Simon never wanted us together so." He says. I nod.

"Do you still like her?" I ask. He nods.

"You should tell her." I say.

"Um." He says. I laugh.

"Right. I totally knew that." I say. We pull up to my car and I hop out. "Thanks." I say.

"No problem. Oh um, here." He says giving me his phone. I stare at him confused.

"Put your number in." He laughs. I put in my number and give it back.

"Cool. I'll talk to you later." He says. I nod and shut the door. I hop into my car and get out my phone. I look through my contacts and pull up Zoey and Ali.

'We need to talk.' I send.

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