They Don't Know About Us

"What is the difference between us anyway?" I practically yell. "The difference," he says, "is that I love you."

Lily Roberts is an upcoming star, Niall Horan is part of the biggest boy band in the world, what will happen when they are forced to date for publicity?


4. Chapter Three


All of a sudden, Ali calls me.

“Hello?” I answer.

“What is it?” She asks.

“Hold on let me add Zoey into the call.” I say adding Zoey in.

“Hey I just got your text what is it?” She asks.

“Okay so before I tell you two, you can’t say one word.” I say. They both agree. Maybe I shouldn’t tell them. I mean what if they do tell someone? I might lose my record deal.

“I’m dating Niall from One Direction.” I cover up.

“Well I don’t think you need to keep that a secret. The whole world knows.” Ali says.

“Oh right.” I say.

“Sometimes I wonder if you’re alright in there.” Ali says. Zoey and I laugh.

“Well I have to get ready for my basketball game tomorrow. Bye!” Zoey says and hangs up.

“Well I’m at the studio so I have to get home. So I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I say and I hang up. I drive home and walk in. I see my brother asleep while the TV was on. I hear some things about Niall and me but ignore it. I walk into to my room and lay down on the bed. My phone started vibrating. It was a text.

‘Hey, it’s Niall. I just sent this to you so you would have my number.’ It read.

‘okay thanks.’ I respond. I lay my phone on my dresser and put on some pajamas. I lay back down trying to go to sleep but I couldn’t. I get on my computer and call up Zoey. She answers after about a minute of it ringing.

“Hey, what’s up?” She asks.

“I can’t go to sleep.” I say.

“I can’t either. I probably should though, our first game is tomorrow.” She says.

“At school?” I ask.

“Yeah.” She says.

“Well I’ll make sure Ali and I come to support you even though you’re a benchwarmer.” I say smiling.

“Hey shut up I’ll get to play.” She says.

“I’ll make sure I count how long.” I joke. She laughs.

“So how did you meet Niall?” She asks. Ugh, he’s the last thing I want to talk about.

“Oh you know through the studio.” I say. At least I didn’t lie to her.

“That’s cool and when did you start dating?” She asks. She needs to stop asking so many questions. About him at least.

“Um, a few days later.” I say.

“Well that’s cool.” She says. I nod.

“Well I better get some sleep, can’t be too tired for tomorrow’s game.” She says.

“Okay, I’ll see ya in homeroom.” I say. I end the call and close my laptop. I lay in my bed until I finally fell asleep.

“Dude, wake up.” I hear someone say. I open my eyes and see my brother hovering over me.

“What.” I say annoyed he woke me up.

“You’re gonna make us late for school.” He says. He’s a freshman so I have to drive him to school. I get out of bed and quickly get ready. I run downstairs and grab some breakfast and run out the door. I hop into the car and start driving. While I was driving I realized I forgot my phone at the house.

“Crap. I forgot my phone.” I say.

“I grabbed it for you.” He says holding up my phone. I try to take it out of his hands but he jerks it out of my reach.

“Who is this Niall guy and why is he asking if you want to hang out today?” He asks.

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