They Don't Know About Us

"What is the difference between us anyway?" I practically yell. "The difference," he says, "is that I love you."

Lily Roberts is an upcoming star, Niall Horan is part of the biggest boy band in the world, what will happen when they are forced to date for publicity?


11. Chapter Ten


I slowly turn around.  “Can we talk?” She asks.


“Sorry I can’t right now I have homework to do.” I say rushing up the stairs and into my room. What did she want to talk about? Oh well. I sit on my bed and look at my backpack lying on the floor. I stare at it for about 5 minutes until I conclude not to do my homework today. I lie back on my bed and stare at my ceiling. Maybe I should take Niall’s advice and talk to Michael Monday.




I walk into school and over to my locker. I see Michael standing at his locker. Come on Lily go up and talk to him. Pretend he’s Niall. I walk over to his locker.


“H-hi.” I say.


“Hey.” He cocks his head back and smiles. “Sup?” He asks. Maybe people do say that.


“Um, just getting my books for class.” I say.


“Cool.” He nods. There was an awkward pause.


“So I should be getting to class.” I say. He nods. I walk back to my locker and pull my phone out and text Niall.


‘I talked to him! And I’m surprised people actually do say sup.’ I text.


‘I told you!’ He texts back. I laugh and walk to class. In second period Michael turns around to talk to me.


“Hey, Lily. You want to go to the movies tomorrow?” He asks. My heart skipped a beat was he really asking me this? I smile and nod. “Cool, I’ll meet you there at 4:30?” He says.


“Okay.” I say. He turns back around. After the bell rang I texted Niall back.


‘HE ASKED ME!’ I send.


‘See I told you, the guy always makes the first move. Come over after your school lets out.’ He responds. I put my phone in my bag and go through the rest of my classes. After the last bell rang I stared at my phone and tried to think of a reasonable explanation to ‘stay at school’. I pull up my mom’s number.


“Hello?” She answers.


“Hey mom, I’m gonna be home a little late today, I joined this club at school today and I need to stay here a little later.” I say.

“Okay dear, just be home before dinner.” She says. Wow, she actually bought it. I hang up and hop in my car to go to Niall’s. When I get there I knock on his door. He opens it up and cheers.


“You did it!” He yells. I laugh.


“Why did you want me to come over?” I ask.


“Because I need to work with you on the real date.” He says.


“Oh okay.” I laugh.


“So where are you going?” He asks.


“The movies.” I say. He nods. I walk into the living room and see Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn sitting on the couch. I sit in a chair.


“Okay so pretend the lads are the people in the theatre and I’m Michael.” He says. Wait did the lads know about me and Niall, well I guess if they didn’t they do now. I nod. I sat down on the couch next to Niall. Harry popped a movie in and turned the lights off. Somewhere in the movie I feel my phone start to buzz. I think I fell asleep and so did everyone else. I quickly walk into the other room and answer my phone.


“Hello?” I answer.


“Where are you? It’s dinner time.” She says.


“Sorry, just running a little late I’m on my way now.” I say.


“Okay, hurry.” She says and hangs up. I look around for something I can write on. I grab my backpack and take a piece of notebook paper out. I grab a pen and write.


‘Had to go home. Text ya later! ~Lily’ I put the note in Niall’s lap and walk out the door and into my car. I drive back home and quickly walk into the house. I walk into the kitchen and sit down at the table.


“Nice of you to finally join us.” My mom says.


“Sorry, the club just ran a little late.” I say.


“It’s fine dear.” She says. Why was she being so nice to me? Wasn’t she mean to me the other day? I don’t know whatever.


“Oh! I won’t be home tomorrow. My club is having a lock-in at school tomorrow.” I say. Probably just sleep over at Zoey’s.


“That’s fine.” She says. I finish eating and go sit down on the couch. I start flipping through the channel until Josh takes the remote and changes it to a show. I didn’t watch too much TV so I let him have it. I just sat there and watched what he was watching. It got boring after watching it for about an hour. I went upstairs and sat on my bed. I looked over at the clock and see it was already about 8:00. I was tired though. I change into my pajamas and lay down. I close my eyes and fall asleep.


“Hey Lily. Come on.” I hear Josh say. I open my eyes and hop out of bed.


“Why are you so perky this morning?” He asks.

“I don’t know I got a lot of sleep last night.” I say. I get ready and grab some breakfast. I grab my backpack, phone and keys and walk out to the car. We hop in and I drive to school.


“You’re gonna have to find a ride home today.” I say.


“Okay.” He shrugs. Well that was easy. We pull up to the school and he hops out and hops on his skateboard. I walk in and see Zoey and Ali standing by my locker.


“Hello.” I say walking up to my locker.


“Hey. Are you coming to the game today? It’s at 6:30.” Zoey says.


“There was a game today?” I ask face palming.


“Yeah! You promised you would be at this one.” She says.


“I’m sorry; I promise the next one I will definitely be here! No and, if’s or buts.” I say. She sighs.


“Whatever.” She says.


“I’m so sorry.” I say.


“See ya in class.” She says. Ali follows her. I grab my books and head to first period. I look behind me to Zoey but she wouldn’t even look at me. I think she was mad at me. I could tell this was going to be a long day. Sooner or later the final bell rang and I headed to the library at school to do some homework while I waited. I looked at my phone a while later and headed out. I drive over to the mall and waited for Michael. I got a text from Zoey.


‘The game is at 6:30 if you still want to come.’ She says.


‘I promise. Next game!’ I respond. She never responded back. I waited for about another hour maybe even two, well at least that’s what it felt like. I looked at my phone and saw the time was 6. I was right. I hopped back into my car and just sat there. I had been stood up. 

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